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 Osaka Academy - An anime small town and high school rpg

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PostSubject: Osaka Academy - An anime small town and high school rpg   Fri Feb 14, 2014 11:50 am


Welcome to the most prestigious academy around, where only the elite get into it. Whether the student’s parents are rich and powerful enough or if the student is the most elite scholar or even if they are the most elite athletes out there. Scholarships are for the few and the elite but they are handed out. Student’s age range from fourteen to twenty two. Here students are prepared to take over their parents companies or even strike out on their own.

The academy was founded in the late 1950s and has been going strong since, taking ever measure to make sure they stay at the cutting edge. Every year the school hosts various festivals through out the year and there is the famous school carnival.

Life is what you expect it to be at any academy despite being a prestigious school. Then again what does one expect when a bunch of teenager and young adults get together? The major conflict at school is between the rival Host Clubs and who and out do who and any attempt to gain more clients. Things are never boring if one finds themself in the middle. The host clubs are there to entertain those who are bored or just looking for some attention.

Aside from the Host Clubs, one can never tell what will happen after all life is never short of surprises and one cannot predict what will happen…

So why not come join in on the fun? Maybe find yourself in company of one of the host ladies or boys? Or even the president of your own club.

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Osaka Academy - An anime small town and high school rpg
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