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PostSubject: Yin, Nellyel   Yin, Nellyel EmptyWed Feb 12, 2014 11:18 am

Yin, Nellyel Tumblr_mk4h4gMgnr1rrur6ro1_500_zpscc28498d

Name: Nellyel Yin

Shinobi Position: Jounin, Missing Ninja

Village: Former Kirigakure

Age: 22

Chakra Nature(s): Fire and Water


Upon first meetings, and well probably then some after this kunochi lacks emotions and trust towards others. She comes off as cold hearted and really doesn’t express anything towards anyone. Her lack of trust comes with events that have happened in her life, and she has very few people she does trust. When she is around just her dearest friends she a different girl all together; she’s quite pleasant. Nellyel can act like a complete dork and is happy. She is very protective over the ones she loves and will do anything she can to make sure they don’t get hurt. A few years ago she met the love of her life. Despite the warning of his brother the young kunoichi decided that she would train harder and prove she wasn’t a distraction to Menma. After that she became supportive of him after Menma’s brother passed


[Early life]
Born in the village of Kirigakure to an unknown mother and an unknown father; twenty-two years ago. At birth this young female’s father just left his girlfriend and the new child to fend for their own. About two years into the young girl’s life her mother passed away on a mission, leaving her young daughter alone in the world. A man who was a friend of the woman’s took the child to the orphanage. It took about four years before she was ever adopted to anyone. An older couple, who had no children of their own, took her in at five years old. They gave her the name Nellyel, as the girl didn’t seem to remember her real name. From the time she was arrived in their home she started to learn how to fight and trained like a shinobi would. She put all her dedication into what her father was teaching.

[Academy/Genin Years]
Her years in the academy went through nicely, and well graduated as one of the top for her year. She didn’t make many friends due to the reason of not really caring what happened there. She was a bit more social during the last year of her training meeting new people and creating bonds. When she stepped out to be a genin it was a whole different thing. Nel was pair up with a team to match the equivalent of her own skills, and they worked well together. It was two boys and her, which made it kind of awkward as they were growing up. Their first mission was to baby sit a cat. Well sadly the cat managed to get loose. That was meaning one of Nel’s teammates let the cat out, so they went after it. Being the smallest both in size and height; the kunoichi went after the cat and up a tree. Upon getting on the tree with said cat, the branch began to break with her on it. The branch broke and came down the petit blond and the cat in her arms. For one split second she thought she would have died. Of course her sensei caught just in time before she would hit the ground. From that moment, the girl learned two things. The first was to always make her teammates go into trees and the second was never get a cat from escaping.

[Chuunin Years]
Nellyel managed to pass her chuunin exam no problem with her fellow teammates. The missions started to get a bit tougher through this time. They were a lot of escort missions that would Missions to the other nations, nothing to major. Of course not many attacks were ever made a few small minor things such as thieves but otherwise calm. Nel was beginning to understand how everything worked out in her village. That was until under one of the Mizukage’s rule; the man who adopted her was persecuted for something he didn’t do. With that he fled the village leaving his daughter and wife behind. The young blond fought for her father’s reputation but no one seemed to care because she was just a teenager. At that time she was fifteen years old and well a bit of a rebel herself. The world seemed so big and on missions things always were more important that exploring. When she was sixteen years old, she was ambushed on her way back to the village alone. She managed to kill all the men who were trying to kill her only to find out they were shinobi from the hidden mist village. That was the turning point for her; she understood it was a set up. Nellyel ran away from the village taking only what she had on her back with her.

About a year later and after many travels and fights she met a young man from Konohagakure. His name was Menma Uchiha and he captured her heart. At first she was unaware of how the boy would affect her, but as time grew on she showed that he was the one for her. However, their relationship took second to both of them training a lot. Nel didn’t know what Menma did and didn’t care to either; she promised that she would help him in any way she could without question. Despite his elder brother’s warning the girl couldn’t stop seeing Menma. She didn’t see it as a distraction if both were working on bettering themselves. It all seemed to change after Chozu Uchiha’s death. Nel grew more protective of her love than she had before. She never wanted anything to happen and she couldn’t let what happened to his brother happen to him. It was the same with the Uchiha, he protected her at all costs. They found seeing each other more, was a good thing and the blond grew into her body eventually cutting most of her hair. She settled a little bit in a minor village, but of course still wandered around with Menma hoping to restore peace.

playby:Tier Harribell

Small Roleplay Sample:

keanu’s second

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