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 Blade of the Ninja Plot

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PostSubject: Blade of the Ninja Plot   Blade of the Ninja Plot EmptySun Aug 18, 2013 8:18 pm

Blade of the Ninja Plot Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRlvGKJJ77LiCz4ttO5qqMD7sVRnIClD_X7_2VmJHvdZEd249FSKg

A long time ago.. There was the Sage of the Six Paths who became the monster Ten Tailed Jubi's Jinchuurki before he separated the Beast's chakra into Nine Separate Creatures. Then sent them to into different parts of the world. From that point forward was the birth of the Shinobi. As the Sage died, his two sons separated from each other. One believing that power was the answer for peace, the other believing in love. This was the beginning of the Senju and Uchiha rivalry.

For centuries after that, the clans were all that the shinobi were formed out of. War was all the people of the shinobi world knew. There was a constant state between the clans. One country would hire one, the other another and then the battle would continue forth as such. Never did it seem that any of them would find peace within.. That was before the Senju and Uchiha made a contact with the Fire Country and created Konoha.

This set the tone for a Village per Country rule that we see today. However none of this meant peace. Countries still continued with the war with one another, over and over again they fought and killed each other until seventy five years ago when the Fourth Shinobi War concurred. This was the first time that the entire Shinobi Alliance was formed against the threat of the Akatsuki.

After the defeat of Akatsuku and Kaguya Otosutsuki, the Villages continued to hold a delicate balance of peace between the nations for close to 100 years until the Night of the White Meteor occurred, the Event which lead the rest of the Kami(Kaguya's bloodline) to the middle of Amegakure.

In a single night the entire village was destroyed by 6 'white cloaked monsters' as described by the lone survivor of the once rising village. He was told to give the rest of the world a warning.. [i]'The Kami are here to avenge our fallen sister. Every shinobi on this planet will feel our wrath.'

Since then it has been quiet from the Kami but the Jewnikami, a new terrorist group seemed to have been enlisted by the Kami for one goal. To Destroy the Tailed Beast. Each Village is doing their best to keep the Jewnikami at bay but how long will that last? Come find out!

Blade of the Ninja Plot Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSlKsjFQDGecrDq6SEwEK8KWr7TXFmiB93zwIINvNb6dTwhpHe7
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Blade of the Ninja Plot
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