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 Character Stat System

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Character Stat System Empty
PostSubject: Character Stat System   Character Stat System EmptyThu May 19, 2016 2:12 am

[font=Impact] The Rules of Your Stats:

1. At the basises for each character you will be given a certain amount of stat points to attribute to one of five different categories. Depending on which you chose will determine how strong your character is in that field. The fields are
[i]Strength: Depending on how much strength you give to yourself will determine the power of your punches against your opponents. If your strength is weak and your opponent has a strong defense, then it will deal no damage and vice versa.

2. The higher you get in skill points, the harder they will become to gain throughout training threads and fighting matches. (Admin will be appointed to attributing skill points at the end of threads)

3. Stats top out at 100.
0-10: Naruto's level at the beginning of the series to the chunin exams.
10-20: Naruto's level during the chunin exams to when he fought Sasuke.
20-40: About where Naruto was during his training with Jiraya.
40-60: Naruto during the rescue Gaara arc to when he mastered the rasen shuriken.
60-70: Naruto when he fought Pain and his Sage mode.
70-80: Tailed Beast Mode Naruto
80-90: Sage of the Six Paths Naruto and Sasuke
90-100: Kami Level

4. Here is what you start with
Genin: 50 stat points
Chunin: 150 Stat points(ANBU plus 50)
Jounin: 250 Stat Points(ANBU plus 50)
Sannin and Kage: 450 Stat Points

5. All Jinchuurki had stamina at 90 and Chakra at 100.

6. When first beginning to train with your character's, stat points will be easy to raise but as Jounin and Kage it will be fairly hard to raise your stat points unless there is major breakthrough with your characters.

7. Sage mode and other advanced modes adds 15 to 25 to each stat.

Character Stat System Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSlKsjFQDGecrDq6SEwEK8KWr7TXFmiB93zwIINvNb6dTwhpHe7
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Character Stat System
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