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 Uchiha Chozu Application(template)

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Uchiha Chozu
Uchiha Chozu

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PostSubject: Uchiha Chozu Application(template)   Uchiha Chozu Application(template) EmptyThu May 19, 2016 1:59 am

Uchiha Chozu Application(template) Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR3e69ThE51-drnI54R5liLiF4TueHvXD5hp638HpYUgpcsEgaLXA

Name: Uchiha Chozu

Shinobi Position: ANBU; Jounin Squad Commander



Chakra Nature(s):Fire and Earth


Chozu since birth was always at the easiest term, distant. Not just from his classmates and fellow shinobi. Even his family has a hard time trying to  break through to what is going on in the boy's head. Besides from that, his skill level was on par with legends since he joined the Academy.

This never gave him a sense of superiority to his teammates, in fact Chozu always saw himself more flawed than the rest of his classmates. His quiet personality and lack of social skills always made him feel as though he was inferior to the other ninja who had built such strong bonds over the years.

Menma, his younger brother, was the only brother Chozu ever showed true affection and bonds with. Even his own Father and Mother feel like they hardly known their own child.


Uchiha Chozu was born into the still rebuilding Uchiha clan. At the end of Uchiha Sasuke's life, he had given life to four children. Chozu is the oldest child of the third child and Sasuke's only son. Uchiha Dengen. Since his early age, it was obvious that he was meant to become a shinobi. Dengen had high expectations for his child, the prodigy of his age group.

Although they spent much time together training, Dengen and Chozu never reached any kind of good relationship. It always seemed they were short of each other on a father and son level. However once Menma became of age to start training, Dengen and the younger son seemed to get along much better with his father.

After becoming a chunin, Chozu was soon recruited to the ANBU upon the Great White Meteor. The event had shook the entire world of Shinobi. It began to enlist younger ninja into their arsenal to increase numbers in case of another attack from the Kami.

Chozu faced two Jewnikami members with the rest of his squad during one of his early ANBU missions. It was the first time that any Konohagakure shinobi had encountered the terrorists organization. During the altercation two of his teammates lost their lives but due to strong efforts from Chozu, him and his other comrade Hoshu, they brought down one of the members and made the other retreat.

Soon after this accomplishment he was made Jounin. Two years from that promotion he has been enlisted to become a Jounin squad leader of a team of three genin in order to further train the next generation.

playby:(can use Naruto canons as long as the canon is related to your character)

Small Roleplay Sample:

The quiet night breeze moved Chozu's hair as he sat at the top of the tree he had planted himself in for the night. Konoha had grown a lot in the last one hundred years seemed Uzumaki Naruto had claimed the land. It was here that he watched the three genin that had been chosen to be his students interact with the rest of their classmates. All of them being promoted to genin that day, each of them gleaming with joy.

These young shinobi had no idea of the hell they were about to walk themselves directly into with the line of fire that quietly awaited them. As all the other genin left and met their Jounin sensei it came down to being just his three left. Chozu nodded as he leapt gracefully from the three and landed with a light thud. "So, are you three ready?" He asked with a dull look on his face.

With the current threats he knew that he may very well be beefing these three up for a slaughter.

How'd you find us: (If advertisement, please name the person who advertised  Smile
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Uchiha Chozu Application(template)
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