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Kotetsu Shiranui

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PostSubject: Kotetsu Shiranui   Kotetsu Shiranui EmptyTue Mar 11, 2014 11:41 pm

Kotetsu Shiranui Samourai-deeper-kyo_1659734-L

Name: Kotetsu Shiranui- Surname: Uzumaki
Shinobi Position: Jounin
Clan: Uzumaki

Village: Konoha

Age: 21

Chakra Nature(s): Fire, Earth


Kotetsu is a brave and strong fighter, a genius, both on the battle field and off, never making the wrong choice…or at least that’s what he wishes he was. In truth Kotetsu is quite the broad and interesting specimen. He seems to both be unrealistically transparent whilst also being incredibly varied. He is quite difficult to describe in just a few words as he tends to be a genius at one moment and a complete moron in another, he can be kind and cold, observant and oblivious, he is difficult to describe with merely one of these terms. His entire personality seems to most to be one constant flux, ever varying, constantly changing, it can only be said that he contains multitudes. He possesses several personality aspects which seem to be a relative constant and yet there are some times when they may be missing all together.

[Brave/Stubborn/Prideful]: The easiest part of Kotetsu's personality to pin down is his tendency to be exceedingly [borderline stupidly] brave. Kotetsu does not back down from any situation in which he can protect someone or something, such situations seeming to light a fire within him when they occur. And due to his stubborn nature, he cannot back down from them even if they grow out of hand, thus his bravery closely borders stupidity. It has been said that he would be likely to go against a Kage themselves if one [or even more than one] were to threaten something he cared about. Bearing that in mind, he also finds it exceedingly difficult to back down from any sort of challenge or dare, no matter how impractical or impossible it seems to be. This has indeed gotten him into many situations which were far over his head, quite a number of which, he barely managed to talk or fight his way out of.


Birth of a new future:
Kotetsu Shiranui was born in March on the 21st day of a warm morning in Konohagakure. When he was born, his future was already foretold as one who would lead his clan into a new age...or so they had thought. Kotetsu had a little trouble playing along with the other members of his clan, shown heavily when he was at the age of four and occasionally fought some of the kids over who was the strongest or eve over who was going to become the next leader of the clan. This was the early stages of his prideful and stubborn nature although he still maintained a kid demeanor shown when he could make friends with many people.

Days in the Academy and onward:
Kotetsu started in the Academy along with most of his friends at the age of five, having a good time and training while still showing his competitive ways. He was in the top three of his class, not only due to his natural genius but because of the extra training and pushing himself to be better. At the age of seven he graduated at the top of his class along with his friends, forming Konohaakure's Team 5. The days after seemed bright for him as his continuation to rise to the top kept his team above most of the other teams. The mission success rate of Team 5 was the best since the Kage's team. Over the course of three years the team had a 89% success rate. At the age of nine he underwent the Chuunin exams, and passed but had to fight one of his own friends in the process. As the two met in the finals of the chuunin exams, Kotetsu would not allow friendship to deter him from rising to the top, so in their fight he fought like he was fighting an enemy.Although he obtained the rank he lost a valuable friend.

Now the rank of Chuunin and the next successor of the infamous Uzumaki clan, Kotetsu’s life was going well. After he turned eleven he went on to do more heavy training to become stronger than what he was now. This venture lead him to leave the village for a short amount of time to see the world and travel in the dangerous terrain of the ninja world.

After a couple of months of training outside of the village, Kotetsu came back a new man so to speak, his eyes filled with a new fire and desire to not only get stronger but also to use his new found strength for something. After settling back into the village, Kotetsu took up a mission with two other chuunin who would assist him in retrieving a dangerous missing ninja that had been reported in the area of the fire nation and in the vicinity of the village.

The three of them would have closed in on the ninja by nightfall and there in the forests outskirts of Konoha the battle commenced. During the battle a miscalculation was made when two more missing ninja arrived to help their comrade which to the three chuunin was unexpected. Faced with a troubled dilemma the two others wanted to run, but the stubbornness and pride of Kotetsu flared and convinced the other two to stand and fight. The fight continued to rage on until not only his comrades died, but also the three missing ninja. Although his decision had resulted in the completion of the mission, his prideful nature had gotten his partners killed.

Although this incident was not his fault, He was deeply disturbed about this but tried to get over it. The following week his mother...died in a mission to rescue a ninja kidnapped by an enemy faction. With this death, Kotetsu was further pushed over the edge where the his father and other family members thought it was time to put him into a series of rigorous training in order to refine his body and mind. In the end they had sent him off to the land of tea to stay there and undergo some training from his in-laws.

Kotetsu spent the next couple of years in the Land of Tea with his uncle who would have been molding him into a better fighter and also taming the prideful and stubborn actions that he had portrayed in his youth. The now twenty one year old Kotetsu had finished his training and was sent back to Konoha to live his life as a ninja with new principals and morals, although the ever prideful and stubborn side of him was still inside of him although suppressed. Now a full fledged Jounin, Kotetsu spends his time guarding the village and going on missions while waiting for the time where he would take a team.

playby:(Kyoshiro Mibu/Samurai Deeper Kyo/ Kotetsu Shiranui)

Small Roleplay Sample:

on Asura

How'd you find us: The Lovely Kirara

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PostSubject: Re: Kotetsu Shiranui   Kotetsu Shiranui EmptyWed Mar 12, 2014 11:11 am

So it's come to my attention that his history was ripped off from your first character Asura as it is nearly identical aside from the obvious name change so you need to redo your history and make it original.

Kotetsu Shiranui Aw7ote
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Kotetsu Shiranui

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Kotetsu Shiranui
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