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 exploring a new place [open]

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PostSubject: exploring a new place [open]   exploring a new place [open] EmptySun Mar 09, 2014 6:54 pm

    It was a nice evening out and well things were going pretty well for a blond female, who was just out exploring. She was a rogue shinobi; who left her Kirigakure a long time ago. She wasn’t in hiding but she had no plans on returning to her home either. She walked through the forest leading into a village. She wasn’t quite sure where she was heading just somewhere away from the place she was used to. Nellyel was rather tall and slender but it didn’t strive from where her abilities lie. She was smart and cunning and had loved to be around her boyfriend. She didn’t really care to tell people who she was and tried her best to keep to herself versus actually being near people. She knew Kirigakure was still hunting her only they weren’t trying to kill her but bring her back to the village. She didn’t care to go back and face her actions of leaving. She stopped hearing someone follow her; she didn’t like to be followed that much as it always ended in a blood bath. She moved up to high ground where she sat in a tree waiting for them. She pulled out a kunai seeing two Kiri ninjas heading towards her.

    Nellyel waited for her ambush as her blue eyes focused on them and nothing else. It was the eerie feeling of them looking for her. They were right under her when she dove down holding the two kunai and stabbing them into their necks before flipping on to her feet. She looked back seeing them fall to the ground gasping for air. The female had no mercy for the ones that hunted her. She leaned over to them taking her kunai out and wiping the blood off. She thought she felt someone else like eyes were upon her. She started to walk the longer strands rest in front of her shoulders. Nel gripped her kunai and stopped looking back seeing if anyone was around.

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exploring a new place [open]
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