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PostSubject: Nikko, Kirara   Nikko, Kirara EmptyMon Mar 03, 2014 6:20 pm

Nikko, Kirara Fairy-tail-girls-cana-alberona-27-img_zps05d8d881

Name: Kirara Nikko

Shinobi Position: Jounin

Village: Konohagakure

Age: Twenty-four

Chakra Nature(s): Fire and Earth

Personality: This kunoichi has made a name for herself for well not only being strong but her looks and ability. Kirara is an outstanding girl who is probably the sweetest thing in the world. She is far from being innocent and naïve, she understands what death brings and the life she choose. She holds a guilt of losing her best friend and former team mate Zero when they were all chuunin. This girl loves to gamble a little, and is amazing at it. She hates when people mess with her friends, she will get even. She doesn’t really let her emotions play out on the battlefield all too often. She loves to be open about things and never tries to keep a secret. After losing Zero she turned to her other friend Hoshu for grieving. The two were teammate since the genin years. This girl learned to be tough due to having three brothers who she sparred with all the time. She rarely shows her depressing side; and keeps a smile on her face. She is always happy; well, usually in good spirits about things.


[Early Years/Academy]

Twenty-four years ago in the village of Konohagakure; Milo and An had their first baby girl. Two sons had already been born before her, one who was four years old and one that was two years old. The baby girl’s name was Kirara Nikko. A bright and beautiful girl was well kind of toughened up upon an early age. While she was two years old her two older brothers picked on her and well did their best to protect her. Upon academy age at the age of five the young Nikko was given a choice to go be like her brothers and go on to be a shinobi or stay at home with her mom. The choice was set and she went on to the academy with her older brothers who were just finishing their years. A year into the academy another baby brother was born. It brought joy to the three older children and a house of five was becoming a bit smaller. The first friend she had made was a boy name Zero Uchiha; to her dismay he made her laugh a lot. The two were instant best friends. Kirara didn’t mind anything at all. She graduated at eleven years old, only because she was a few months younger than the rest of the school.

[Genin Years]

Kirara was placed with her Genin team, and it was no shocker that one of her teammates was her best friend Zero. The other teammate was one she had seen around and was in her class and that was Hoshu Uzumaki. They all were great together, and it always seemed that Zero had a rival. A few missions as a genin team went well and well being the only girl on the team; the Nikko girl felt that she was kind of the odd ball. She never let things get passed her however, and had a keen eye for details which helped greatly. She could spot things out that were a little out of usual and not the normal thing. It helped the team a lot when she would use the ability. She kept her feelings away from both of the boys on her team. She didn’t want the whole awkwardness that would come with getting to involved with them. However, she did enjoy every minute she had with them. Zero’s friendship with Kirara seemed to grow more and well they were practically attached at the hip. Well that was to say if they could be. The female of the team was still serious and had a very warm heart.

The Chuunin exams couldn’t come fast enough and their sensei knew his team was ready to move up in their level. The three genin fought hard during the first two tests. The last test proved to be a bit harder for the female. She was lucky that she didn’t face off against her teammates, but she faced off against much harder opponents. Two opponents that were much bigger in height and weight scared her a little bit. It didn’t seem to pass in her head that they could kill her if they really wanted to. The slender and a bit on the tall side Kirara managed to take down the first opponent with no problem. Her second opponent was a lot tougher. She was facing a man from Sunagakure who seemed determined to take the poor twelve year old out. She held her own and fought to best she could; only to win and get knocked out. The man had fallen on top of her. He wasn’t too heavy just she exhausted her chakra.

[Chuunin Years]

The Chuunin years were probably the roughest on the team and on Kirara. It was easy start for the beginning things couldn’t seem to get much better than what it was. Missions were going good and easy. With the war going on and everything never seemed to settle between any missions and the front. Everyone knew the risks of going to war and it always seemed that things would turn for the worse. She had noticed a change in Zero shortly after his girl passed on. The Nikko girl wanted to always be there for her friend. The team worked amazing together. That was until the bad thing happened. One mission they were out to retrieve stolen scrolls from some bandits. The easy part was finding the scrolls and the bandits. It was when they arrived things seemed to get worse. A group of mercenaries ambushed Hoshu Kirara and Zero.They thought they had it handled and things would have been great. Things became tough; they fought hard and long. Hoshu and she tried their best to keep going but they were over powered easily. Zero wanted to show off his skills to take down the mercenaries.

It was unsure what really happened as the female passed out from some bad injuries. When she came to it was a whole new look surrounding them. They ended up losing against the group as their sensei stepped in to help them out. They all went back to the village in pain and well injured. It was kind of heart breaking to have a mission that didn't go as they had planned. Upon returning to the village Kirara had her injuries checked out to make sure they were not as bad as they were. She was released from the hospital a few days later. A day that she decided to go out and hang out with Zero turned to be tragic. She went to find him at his home where she always dropped in unannounced to. Upon arrival the house was up in flames and everyone was trying their best to put out the fire. Kirara knew Zero was in there and apart of her was going to run in and save him. She attempted to run in finding a pair of arms around her to stop her from going in. That day Zero was announced that he was dead along with his parents. The Nikko female for a few years was numb on the inside only to have a cover on the outside for everyone to see she was fine.

[Jounin Years]

It seemed an eternity since the death of her friend. Hoshu and Kirara stayed close and of course did their occasional missions together. She had moved on to being a Jounin doing a special assignment for the Hokage. It seemed fitting to gather the stolen scrolls back and that was what she did. Her mission went smoother than before and was given help and back up to make sure the scrolls were returned. She was successful in it naturally; again the same bandits hired someone to protect them as they kept the scrolls to themselves. It didn’t take long for the young Nikko girl to gain an upper hand and fight against them. She stole back the scrolls and went back to the village where she was given her title.

Kirara had a passion for what she did in everything. Her Jounin years were probably the best she had felt in a long time. She was able to let go of Zero’s passing and move on a bit. She didn’t have feelings in an intimate way but it always felt like she was missing her brother or something. It wasn’t a day that she would do a ritual of going to the wall of names and putting flower down there. Her missions were difficult as she was sometimes learning how to doing things on her own. There were times where she would be on a mission with her former teammate Hoshu. Other times she was paired or left alone to do a mission. She never wanted to have a genin team, nor did she care to actually have that teaching experience. She had to much fun on her own.  

playby: Cana Alberona

Small Roleplay Sample:

Keanu’s account

How'd you find us: Sage
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Nikko, Kirara
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