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PostSubject: Izaya Mishima   Izaya Mishima EmptyFri Feb 28, 2014 12:57 am

Izaya Mishima Naruto11

Name:Izaya Mishima

Shinobi Position:S-Rank Nukenin/Former Amegakure Kage/Jewnikami

Village:Formerly Amegakure


Chakra Nature(s):Wind/Yin

Personality: Izaya is shy, quiet, lazy, smart, but goofy at the same time once people get to know him. Because of his day to day life as a Ninja, Izaya is often heard saying “Sometimes I wish I could just go with the flow and not have to worry about what’s going on around me….just let life sort itself out.” Izaya doesn’t like to go anywhere outside of Amegakure simply because he has been there most of his life and when he leaves he just can’t seem to adjust to the new environment that he’s in. As seen when he went to Sunagakure on a short mission, he immediately began complaining about how hot it was, how cold it got at night time, and how there were too many “mummy looking ninjas”. His allergies also began to bother him. He also doesn’t like to leave his home unless the situation absolutely calls for him to. Despite the primary personality Izaya has, when the time comes, he has shown to be smarter than what most people think and very serious. Izaya’s laziness is often shown 90% of the time, this is why most people tend to downplay how smart he is because of the wide variety of things he doesn’t like to put effort into.

Izaya is well aware of his personality and even states that he hates not being able to engage in most activities because of his reserved persona. He claims that his shyness compliments his quietness which further compliments his laziness. His shyness makes it easy for him to go long periods of time without much social interaction which makes him quiet, his quietness and refusal to interact with large amounts of people gives him nothing to do which leads him to be lazy and not want to do anything out all, and lastly his goofiness hides how smart he really is allowing other people to think he’s not capable of much, which in turn allows him not to give too much of himself to anything despite the fact that the other ninja around him try to force him to excel beyond everyone else because they know he can.

The only thing Izaya enjoys the most is sleeping. Izaya uses this often times to get out of missions or important things he’s been scheduled to do, his entire air around him shifts to calm during his naps. He also seems to be at his most calm when he can see the moon; he claims the moon to be his “personal breath of fresh air” on numerous occasions. Izaya, aside from sleeping also likes battles that aren’t completely one-sided. This is a possible hint that Izaya finds joy in battle more than anything else. On several instances, when Izaya actually begins fighting and becomes consumed in it, he often takes on a sadistic personality. He becomes arrogant and quite cocky and begins mocking or taunting his opponents. Whether he is aware of this or not is unknown at the moment. Although it seems Izaya takes joy in battle for the most part, he too can realize when he’s faced with a dire situation.

Izaya has a dormant superiority complex in addition to his personality but states that it is well hidden by his primary showcase of his personality. Izaya is not however unaware of this side of his personality. If he must, Izaya will flaunt what power he has over others in order to gain what is needed from them; this sometimes causes others to refer to him as a bit manipulative in the least case. Izaya demonstrates a great sense of pride in his nation, claiming that there is no other group of ninja who could compare to the ninja of Amegakure. Of course, Izaya’s pride however is a silent pride unless he begins to get ahead of himself. Lastly, people tend to say that Izaya’s tone is always sarcastic as people can never really tell when to take him seriously or not. Izaya claims that he never noticed it and that he doesn’t intend to come off as sarcastic. Regardless of the fact, Izaya takes advantage of this when needed to, often succeeding in making others around him upset without the effort.

History: Izaya Mishima was born and raised in The Village Hidden by Rain, also known as Amegakure along with his brother Kadaj Mishima. Amegakure is a small, yet highly industrialised hidden village located in an unnamed country. Its architecture is composed of several metallic skyscrapers with rowed ducts connected to them and many power lines surrounding. A number of smaller villages also surround Amegakure. As its name suggests, it rains almost constantly due to a storm above the village. Izaya and his brother’s, parents were slaughtered in a war that took place in Amegakure some years ago. Immediately after the conflict, they both became war orphans and vowed to protect and each other and also bring power back the nation they cared so much for. Izaya and Kadaj swore a blood oath: “We will kill all ninja who stand in our way to achieve a common goal. Retribution on all those who took what was ours”. They both swore that they would exact revenge on all of the 5 Great Nations for the destruction they brought to the Rain Village and restore it to power. They knew it would take a while until they were strong enough to do it, but the day would come.

Realizing what they needed to do and how they needed to get it done, they fought with each other every day trying to perfect what skills they had. Amegakure is known for producing ninja that possess a multitude of unseen abilities due to the number of refugees that flee to the village. From their constant fighting, they soon achieved the amount of power they could handle for mere genin level ninja. The product of Izaya’s training was the ability to manipulate sound and air pressure while Kadaj focused more on strengthening his abilities with his kekkei genkai. Now that they knew they had genin potential, keeping their oath in mind, Izaya suggested that they both try to gain as much intel on all of the villages and everybody they were connected to as time went on so that when the time came they would be able to start laying out pieces. Until then, Izaya and Kadaj would bring no extra attention to themselves until the right amount of power had been amassed. This marked the beginning of Izaya & Kadaj Mishima’s lifelong mission as well as the countdown for the destruction of the 5 Great Nations.

At the age of 14, both Izaya and Kadaj participated in the Chunin Exams and were able to both become chunin thanks to their teamwork, obscured murderous nature, and determination. Intending to ensure that all of the necessary precautions were taken, Izaya and Kadaj frequently carried mission given from the higher-ups of Amegakure. These missions ranged from search & destroy, intelligence gathering, and occasionally assassination. Of course, these missions were primarily done for the sake of the village; however, they also took in all the data they learned from these missions for future use. Luckily for them the missions weren’t strictly limited to smaller nations, given that Amegakure was a highly industrial nation it caused the greater nations to sometimes ask for their assistance. Every mission that Izaya and Kadaj took led to all of the 5 Great Shinobi Nations at least once. And with each and every visit to Konohagakure, Kumogakure, Kirigakure, Sunagakure, and Iwagakure, they were heavily given data that they needed each time they visited on a mission. But, being only Chunin level ninja, there was only so much info one could extract on a village. This halt in their progress inspired even more daring and grueling feats. 3 years after become Chunin, Izaya and Kadaj were both now 17 and were ready to participate in the Jounin Exams.

Izaya and his brother took place in the most challenging battles they had ever faced before. The Jounin Exams were on a completely different level from the Chunin Exams, even the preliminaries felt like the final portion of the exams this time around. Sadly enough, everything about these exams were different from the one from 3 years ago. The final portion of the Jounin exams is where Izaya had his first run in with near death experiences. Izaya as well as his opponent were running on fumes and had virtually used up every ounce of chakra they had trying to destroy each other. In one last strike both of the ninjas ran at each other full speed and aimed the kunai they both held right at each other’s chest. Strangely enough, Izaya expected himself to die until he realized the oddest thing. A portion of the one piece outfit he wore as a genin and a chunin had a metal chest plate in the center which bore the Amegakure symbol on it. The opposing ninja’s kunai had ironically struck that chest plate instead of Izaya himself while Izaya’s own kunai pierced the heart of his opponent. Kadaj effortlessly won his final battle of the Jounin Exam because of his effortless use of his utilize his kekkei genkai. Once again the 2 brothers progressed once more and had just made it to a huge stepping stone to the final phases of their plan.

Time passed and Izaya continued to master his ability of sound style and air pressure manipulation until there was nothing more that could be gained from it. Izaya Mishima held the moniker “Izaya Mishima of the Ringing Sound Style,” while Kadaj Mishima held his own personal title. Izaya eventually came to rise in the ranks of superiorty in Amegakure and soon became the unofficial Kage. He was known as the Usuikage, the Rain Shadow.

Small Roleplay Sample: Izaya had been ordered to from the Amegakure higher-ups to assist the ninja of Konoha with the retrieval and capture of a young ninja who was vandalizing the walls of buildings. He possesses the skill of an ordinary academy level ninja, but he still manages to escape custody, something Izaya thought was very pitiful. Nevertheless, he accepted the mission. Any form of activity would assist him in his growth to become a better and stronger ninja. Izaya began his journey from Amegakure to Konoha, he knew the trip was going to be a long one. When one was required to travel from nation to nation, the trip was always long and demanding unless you were traveling with your own squad. But, given the ranking of the mission, it wasn’t required for more than 1 ninja of genin rank of higher to deal with the problem. Izaya digressed and decided to focus on all the perks of beginning his life as a true ninja. As Izaya walked, the climate suddenly changed from wet, rainy, and humid to dry, sunny, and partly cloudy. He would never understand what it was that constantly made it rain in Amegakure. The constant rain and storms there were eternal and it always seemed as if time itself had frozen one massive storm above the village.

After hours of walking, Izaya finally noticed Konohagakure in view. The front gate of the village was enormous and what lied behind those gates was even larger, the Leaf Village itself. It was truly a marvel to behold and a treasure trove of secrets and beauty. Before leaving Amegakure, Izaya was told that there would be a Leaf Village official there to reiterate the conditions of his mission. Of course being the lazy ninja that he was, Izaya didn’t pay too much attention to what was being said and quickly tuned the Leaf ninja out. He already remembered the conditions of his mission and that was to subdue the ninja who was purposely putting graffiti around the village, simple enough. As soon as he realized the official was done talking, he immediately made his way through the gates and into the district known as Okinaga, described by the higher-ups of Amegakure. Normally Izaya would’ve waited before taking part in the mission, but seeing as how he took his own precious time walking at a snail’s pace to Konoha, he wasn’t really tired at all.

After walking through Okinaga, he noticed a young boy who appeared to be around the age of 9 or 10 holding a can of spray paint and spraying one of the sides of the buildings with it. Izaya instantly knew this was the ninja he was supposed to capture. He remembered the initial report of the mission stated that the boy eluded many previous ninja who were ordered to capture him, but not this time. Izaya weaved the Ram → Snake → Tiger hand seals and created 2 extra duplicates of himself. The academy ninja immediately noticed and took his escape to the roof of the building he had been spray painting. Izaya signaled his clones to trap the ninja from 2 different directions while the main Izaya went after the boy head on. Izaya and the prankster both leaped from building to building while the other 2 clones were on 2 buildings further away from the one Izaya was on. In unison, the 2 clones converged on the boy who was about to use a clone jutsu himself. To rid himself of more problems, Izaya and his 2 clones leaped at the prankster. One grabbed his left wrist while the other one grabbed the right wrist, Izaya himself grabbed the boy by his collar and held a firm grip on him. Izaya’s 2 clones disappeared as Izaya tied the boy up with final length of rope he had. He smiled knowing he completed his mission as the ninja he had just captured kicked and yelled like a crying baby. Izaya returned to the gate where the Leaf official was and lazily dropped the prankster on the ground in front of him. All he needed to do was capture the prankster and that’s exactly what he did. Izaya prepared to return to Amegakure to report the mission as a success.
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