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Cypher, Allen 644fvo

Name: Allen Cypher, Snow White, Demon

Shinobi Position: Jounin and Hunter Nin

Village: Kirigakure

Age: Eighteen

Chakra Nature(s): Earth and Water


Allen is about as anti-social and socially awkward as they come due to his ties to the Cypher Clan and the prejudice they face because of their kekkai genkai the Devil's Eye. He just doesn't know how to reach out to others and connect like he does with Yuri Tetsu who sort of more or less forced herself into his life as Genins being the only really close friend he's ever had. He doesn't do social functions like festivals or hanging out with the guys to do guy stuff since he rather hide away from the world he feels hates his clan and him not wanting to draw attention to himself more than he has to as a shinobi and hunter nin. It is obvious to see he really loves the color white as most of his clothing is white with some black mixed it earning him the nickname and alias Snow White as a hunter nin. He is a simple man with simple tastes but there is nothing he enjoys more than sweets especially Dango. He doesn't touch alcohol much other than Sake occasionally. He loves Yuri more than anything in the world and would gladly give his life to protect even at the expense of his own. When using his KG Allen can become a little mentally unstable at times and suffers from night terrors some nights.


[Early Years/Academy]

Allen was born to Aeris and Cloud of the Cypher clan a once big and prosperous clan in Kirigakure until the purge. He was too young then to understand why the villagers looked at him and his parents the way they did with disdain and hate. Such things didn't really bother him then because he was young and oblivious to the true workings of the world he lived in. He was a happy and bubbly child like most were his age doing the usual things they did begging for new toys all the time and getting into mischief. He was always so curious about everything and once he was at least five years old when he could join the academy for shinobi in Kirigakure he knew that was what he wanted to do to be like his father was a great hunter nin bringing justice to those who deserved it and did bad things. It was in the academy though that things begin to change. He was met with great prejudice and hate from the others in his class mocked and picked on by the other students for being a member of the Cypher clan which was only made worse by the teacher trying to stand up for him. This caused him to withdraw behind his walls and become closed off from others trying to make himself seem small and invisible to the world. Despite becoming rather anti-social he passed his finals with high grades becoming a Genin in the process.

[Genin Years]

Allen was soon placed on a team and found himself paired up with a new guy he didn't know and a girl named Yuri Tetsu. She was odd in her own way and seemed rather smitten with him despite his anti-social nature always quiet and seeming to daydream during meetings. Still he did his best to work well with them as a team and support them all the best he could. They soon became a great team the trio and got along rather well they accepted him and didn't care much about his clan or their past treating him like his own person which helped him open up a little more to them some but not much. He was always amused by Yuri's attempts to show off to the boys on her team especially for him it seemed but that one day she got a little too carried away. Watching her race their other teammate she fell into a hole and not hesitating much he grabbed a rope and with his sensei saved Yuri from the hole laughing a little at her embarrassment but things seemed to change after that.

He'd grown to really like her around all the time she always made him feel like laughing or smiling when he tried his best not to. She just had some kind of effect on him that he didn't understand at the time. He had noticed she seemed a little off lately why he didn't know and didn't feel it was his place to pry. He just happened to notice her sitting there alone and thought she might enjoy a little company even if he didn't speak much but the two were soon making fast conversation about random things mostly but a little about themselves which she seemed to accept about him and his clan which was comforting and he found himself wanting to spend more time with her as the days led on to the Chunin Exams it was a rough ride but his team made it to the finals and were promoted to Chunins finally it was during this time he unlocked his Devil's Eye kekkai genkai.

[Chuunin Years]

His parents had never been more proud of him then when passing the Chunin Exams. Life though wouldn't be any easier for him as it was for his teammates. Unlocking his Kekkai Genkai seemed to make that disdain and hatred from the villagers towards him grow even more now. Still he didn't let it affect his teamwork with his former Genin teammates he continued to train with them as much as possible and was glad Yuri had gotten her own place as he soon did himself. Allen continued to work hard towards his dream to become a Hunter Nin quite surprised when Yuri chose to become a medical ninja it seemed so unlike her which didn't surprise him when she soon lost interest in the profession and returned back to being on the front lines like before and back to her usual self showing off for him and their other teammate like she always had as a Genin. Life just seemed perfect and in order but that soon changed.

He never really understood how much he cared about Yuri until nearly losing her on that mission. It seemed like any other mission they had been on which usually went smooth and rather eventless. That soon changed when they were ambushed. Yuri had stayed back to provide support with her medic skills while their other teammate kept an eye on her while Allen went on the offensive. Seeing her be stabbed in the back like she was and passing out he snapped unlocking his final Devil's Eye ability in the process slaughtering what remained of the enemy especially the one who attacked Yuri. He felt like his world was collapsing and self destructing seeing her in the hospital so close to death at times he hadn't slept much or left her side for that matter. The event only brought them closer together he rarely left her side afraid of losing her again finding he had deeper feelings for now.

[Anbu/Jounin Years]

Soon after he was approached by the ANBU and offered a chance to become a Hunter Nin. Of course he wasted no time in accepting the offer and began training soon after. He was surprised to find Yuri had joined as well it seemed and they were to work together under the same ANBU captain. It was only natural they worked well together and though struggling a little he managed to keep things professional when they were on duty together and not just hanging out. In a way it was a relief to him able to keep a closer eye on her and keep her safe though he didn't like it when she went on missions alone he tended to over worry a little then but he had faith in Yuri and her skills and that she would always come back safe and sound and she usually did with occasional rough mission to deal with but he was always there to support her and treat her to a good meal to cheer her up.

He enjoyed the life of a Hunter Nin it was easier to keep busy and hide away from the world that seemed to hate him. There were times he didn't know what he would do without Yuri beside him. They trained often together just the two of them. Their former Chunin teammate had become a little distant with them lately busy with his own life and relationship with some woman. Allen found himself longing for the same thing with Yuri but she didn't seem in the mindset for such things right now and so he kept it to himself and tried to ignore it for awhile.

Turning eighteen Allen found himself facing his Jounin Exam along with Yuri. It wasn't a simple mission this time though. Sent in to hunt down a well known nukenin who was held up in a fortress with many Bandits around as bodyguards. In the end he succeeded though he was forced to use his Kekkai Genkai's final ability to take down the nukenin and bring him back in alive so that intel could be extracted from him. He was quite relieved to see Yuri return safe and sound as well. He still struggled to admit his feelings for her but it seemed she had felt the same way. They'd gone out for dinner together to celebrate becoming Jounin together when she confessed her love for him which led to quite the passionate night together afterwards forever changing the dynamics of their relationship outside the ANBU.

playby: Allen Walker - D. Grayman

Small Roleplay Sample:

Uchiha Menma and Uchiha Zero here

How'd you find us: I am Animeking0405 Admin here.
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Cypher, Allen
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