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Yuri Tetsu

Yuri Tetsu

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PostSubject: Tetsu, Yuri   Tetsu, Yuri EmptyTue Feb 25, 2014 3:46 am

Tetsu, Yuri Yuri_zpsc6736d5f

Name: Yuri Tetsu

Shinobi Position: Jounin ANBU

Village: Kirigakure

Age: eighteen

Chakra Nature(s): water earth and medical ability

Far from being shy, but not quite a loud this kunoichi is one girl that has a lot of interesting. Yuri is a gentle kind hearted soul, when she’s not hunting a person down or doing her job. She is a sweet heart and really understanding to most people. She is pretty laid back when she is hanging around the village. She is quiet and usually keeps her thoughts to herself, but well when she’s around one special guy she is loud. This female loves to be around her fellow ANBU team mate and well former genin team mate, Allen. On the field this female is serious and doesn’t let anyone get in her way of a mission. She makes sure she will complete a mission no matter what. Yuri tends to keep to herself a lot of the time and rather not talk about personal things except to someone who she is close to.

[Early Years/Academy]

Eighteen years ago, born into a small family outside of Kirigakure a small child started her life. Yuri Tetsu, was born to a family that was far from your shinobi family. Both parents ran a ramen shop in side of the village where they were just as happy and content. When they had their baby girl they wanted to protect her for everything. Well their plans were for Yuri to just work with them in the ramen shop. That lasted until she was five when she begged them to let her attend the Kirigakure Shinobi academy. It started months prior to enrollment that she begged them and well they finally accepted and enrolled her with other children her age. Starting out in the academy made the young girl so happy and excited that she was going to be a part of something more. Her focus level was amazing during her time in the academy. She would go home and always practice. Her genin exams went by easy and always excited her when she passed with flying colors.

[Genin Years]
Pair up with two boys, Yuri felt to be the odd ball of the group. Allen was the one that seemed to sweep her off her feet just by looking at her. Alright so she was kind of stricken by him but he was unsocial; and she wanted to make him feel welcome. The other one was focused on keeping the team together as much as he could. The three of them started off on simple missions while they were trying to get use to the skills of each other. When they were getting into a bit harder missions the young Tetsu girl wanted to show off a bit of her skills. She raced out her other team mate out into the open where a hole in the ground was. Yuri couldn’t stop herself and fell into the whole when she was twelve years old. Allen and with the help of their sensei rescued her out from the hole. They pulled her out of the whole with a rope; Allen on one end of it. Embarrassed and mostly trying to explain why she did it, there was a bond created between the two genin.

It was a scene out of the movies or a book as the sun set over the village, the young genin sat overlooking the village. It wasn’t the fact she had a rough life, but her parents wanted her to just give up on her dreams of making it further in her shinobi career. That was the point Allen showed up and the two began to talk about life itself. Allen came from a clan of Kirigakure. That night became the back drop of their friendship as the two were never left each other’s side for the world. They kept the balance in their friendship; Yuri learned how to be a little less crazy around him. She wanted to be his best friend throughout their life.

[Chuunin Years]

All three members of the genin team had made it through their chuunin exam with amazing results. This was the point the Tetsu girl left her family to live more in Kirigakure; so she could set herself up for a greater things. Of course she still visited her family as much as she could. Being a chuunin she didn’t stray far from her team and well started to grow in her abilities with them. Each of them had their own contribute to things and well Yuri felt she wanted to be a medic ninja instead of facing the front lines. She started out and spent a few years training in the hospital, and sneaking away for secret missions. A year later of her medic ninja training seemed to be time wasted as the female found herself going right back into the front lines of missions and getting rid of her oath as a medic ninja. Of course they were disappointed by the fact she was giving up something she was good in. Despite protest from her sensei Yuri returned back to the field as a part of her team showing the boys how it was done.

A mission that seemed to go like any other mission, it was supposed to run smooth. The team made it out of the village apart of an escort mission to the land of the waves; everything started to go fine. It was an easy mission and nothing like they had before where there was a challenge behind it. As the entered the land of the waves there was an ambush on them from an enemy nation. The three were fifteen years old and well the situation was pretty good how they handled it. No matter what they thought of it was team work; as the enemy shinobi grew closer and the combat seemed more intense. Yuri knew she had to keep fighting for her team. She had the same ideas as before being a medic ninja; she would watch over her team mates and make sure they wouldn’t get harmed in the process. Instead of them getting injured one of the shinobi snuck up behind her and stabbed her in the back. It took her down fast causing her to black out for the rest of the fight. When she woke a few days later they were safely in the land of waves and she was in the hospital. All that was said was Allen took down the man who attempted to killer. It was the second time he had saved her life. A great thanks was due and well it blossomed something between them. Every night they would go out after their missions or whatever they had to do was done and train hard. Yuri wanted to be stronger than what she was and it showed as she worked harder her skills became more precise.

[Anbu/Jounin Years]

Starting in her sixteenth year of living, the young Tetsu girl was given the chance to join the Anbu black ops. There was no decision in whether she wanted to or not, she made her decision fast and joined the same day she was asked. The girl had dreamed of being something bigger and better than what she had done before. She started out as of course the basics learning how to get along with the others and take down her target with grace and well not being loud. She preferred being in the ANBU because it was easier for her to carry out her missions. Soon to follow her was Allen who was given that they wanted him. They two remained close and under someone who would give them the guidance they needed to be successful.

With everything happening around them it was nice to have a familiar face among the masses. Two years the two trained hard and long and took missions where they could come back fast. Allen was a lot better at being a part of everything and Yuri was a little bit slow but she worked twice as hard as the rest. It went easy for the two and missions weren’t like they were when they were just taking chuunin missions. Between the two they had a lot accomplished and actually her personality worked perfect for the assassination missions.

Eighteen years old, Yuri Tetsu was given her Jounin test. A simple test of a mission she had to do on her own with no help. It was a test to show her skills and knowledge of things. It was an in and out mission with the Iron country and had classified information that needed to be delivered fast. She snuck into where she needed to be and delivered the scrolls. On her way back she ran into a bit of a snag. She found herself fighting off a few shinobi for the scroll she obtained. It was a struggle but she managed to win and kept herself strong. Upon her return back to Kirigakure a new relationship formed between her and Allen. The best of friends became lovers. Yuri had the confidence to ask him out on their first date and learned how to keep their ANBU lives separate from their love life. Things were perfect for them; as they grew together.

playby: Lenalee Lee

Small Roleplay Sample:

Keanu’s account

How'd you find us: Sage
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Tetsu, Yuri
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