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 Cypher Clan

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Cypher Allen

Cypher Allen

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PostSubject: Cypher Clan   Cypher Clan EmptyMon Feb 24, 2014 1:09 am

Cypher Clan Kanji_Demon
Kanji = Demon

Clan Name: Cypher
Village: Kirigakure
Known Clan Member(s): Allen Cypher

Clan Techniques:

Cypher Clan Zw15w2
Devil's Eye:

It is said that when the founder Conrad Cypher saved a demon and his two brothers from certain death and signing a contract he was bestowed this eye as a gift though in reality when unlocking his kekkai genkai Conrad became a little mental unstable and hallucinated the events. On a basic level it allows the user to see through illusions or as shinobi call them genjutsu similar to a Sharigan only they can't copy jutsus. It also grants them them the ability to see with x-ray vision up to a certain distance much like the Byakugan only not 360 degrees only 180 degrees. It also grants them the ability to see chakra. The user is usually born with just one to unlock in their left eye giving them a heterochroma look when it is unlocked and activated. The final ability it is said when the contract was forged in exchange for allowing the demon to possess them in order to have a physical body again the user could control it's power granting them superhuman strength, speed, and claw-like fingers.

Eye of Jinzou: The youngest demon of the three brothers Jinzou granted Conrad the ability to see through illusions or as shinobi call them now genjutsu. This is the first ability unlocked and uses little chakra allowing the user it indefinitely like a normal sharigan user.

Eye of Azmath: The middle demon brother Azmath granted Conrad the ability to see things normally hidden away from someone by other people. This is the second ability unlocked and uses little chakra allowing the user it indefinitely like a normal byakugan user.

Eye of Chakma: The eldest brother Chakma granted Conrad the ability to see chakra allowing him to distinguish between normal and inhuman chakra like the tailed beasts. uses little chakra allowing the user it indefinitely.

Devil's Body: This is the final and most dangerous ability linked to the devil's eye. In exchange for the eye and it's powers Conrad was forced to sign a contract with the brothers. This allowed them to possess any member of the Cypher Clan if summoned by one of them when in reality it was just in his mind. By forcing the brain to shut off pain receptors and increase the adrenaline rush the user is granted superhuman strength and speed making them seem inhuman like a demon for a short period of time. A side effect of this ability causes the user to become a little mentally unstable when in use and suffers from a rage like no other. Can only be used a maximum of two times if Jounin one if Chunin anymore and the user risks heart failure from overuse.

Clan History:

The Devil's Eye kekkai genkai was not the original KG of the clan. It was founded in Kirigakure by Azelia and Julian Cypher twin brothers. Both were only Genin when they unlocked their kekkai genkai the ghost eyes. When activated they would appear to go blind no longer having pupils or irises but in actuality they could see much like a Byakugan user could though only what was in front of them and only to a certain distance unlike a Byakugan user who had 360 degree range and could see quite far away. The clan was prosperous and loyal to Kirigakure having settled there shortly after it was founded. They were highly admired and respected but that would all soon change when Rose Uchiha appeared. Exiled from her clan she moved to Kirigakure to start anew and chose to hide her heritage once living there. It was there she met Julius Cypher and the two quickly fell in love. It wasn't long before the two were wed and expecting a baby which they named Conrad.

The child was soon to be discovered to be anything but normal. When he came of age that most children in the clan unlocked their kekkai genkai it was discovered that he possessed a brand new one neither Sharigan or Ghost Eyes. It seemed to be a mixture of both though lacked many skills the Sharigan had. It was given the name Devil's Eye when Conrad unlocked it's final ability becoming mentally unstable in the process and becoming enraged with a wrath that rivaled that of a demon's when trying to protect someone he loved. He didn't recall much of the event but swore he saw demons who he claimed to save and said they gave him this power. Such power struck fear into the villagers who began to fear the Cypher clan and treated them with much disdain and hatred for bringing such a child as Conrad into the world.

Despite hardships and being treated like outcasts the clan prospered and flourished greatly until the purge. With the growing number of children possessing the Devil's Eye action was taken to purge the clan entirely to be rid of it. Eventually the Mizukage had had enough and stopped the purge but by then only a handful of Cypher clan members remained making the Ghost Eyes KG become extinct in the process only the Devil's Eye remained. Today only about fifty cypher clan members exist and the stigma of their bloody past still haunt them and most are still treated like outcasts because of their Kekkai Genkai and the power it gives them that seems inhuman and unnatural.
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Cypher Clan
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