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 Josefu's Arsenal

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PostSubject: Josefu's Arsenal   Josefu's Arsenal EmptyThu Feb 20, 2014 10:27 pm

Name: Steel Crackers x2
Appearance: A pair of purple cracker balls made of steel with a 2.5 inch diameter. They each have "Jo" inscribed on them. Two cracker balls are attached by a very durable, 10 meter string.
Rank: B
Special Abilities: The balls are made out of steel. The string is highly durable. Meh.
Origin: The pair of Ripple crackers were forged specially for Josefu upon going to the Chunin Exams by an expert customized weaponsmaster. Loving the crackers as a toy he played with as a child, Josefu wanted to use it as his own unique fighting style. He went through a lot of practice and training to be able to wield the crackers as he liked. He oftens coat it with oil to send the Ripple through it. Josefu likes performing tactical tricks with it.

Name: Summoning Scrolls x3
Appearance: Josefu's Arsenal 1737c541353210_full
Rank D
Special Abilities: Depends on content:
1. 20 shurikens, 20 kunai, 3 flash bombs, 2 smoke bombs, two small glass containers, 1 fuuma shuriken, 1 giant shuriken
2. 1 paper note with 20 exploding tags sealed in it, 20 exploding notes, 1 exploding paper bomb, 1 paper note with 10 exploding paper bombs
3. 30 meters of thin, durable wire/string, 1 thin rope
Origin Weapons Josefu stores in summoning scrolls for convenience.

Name: Paper Gernade x11 (sealed in scroll)
Appearance: It's basically a ball compacted with gunpowder and flammable chemicals. It has a safety lever made of aluminum that keeps all the pressure in. When released and a surge of chakra is flown in, the bomb quickly explodes (same detonation power as what'd you expect from a real gernade).
Rank C
Special Abilities: Explosive
Origin: can be found anywhere so long as you know the right store and people and you're old enough to handle it. Josefu often purchases these as he can do alot with them.
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Josefu's Arsenal
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