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 Josefu Josuta

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PostSubject: Josefu Josuta    Josefu Josuta  EmptyTue Feb 18, 2014 7:44 pm

Josefu Josuta  Generalinformation

Name: Josefu Josuta

Shinobi Position: A-rank Jounin

Village: Konoha

Age: 19

Chakra Nature(s): Water, Earth

Josefu is a hotheaded guy who likes to pick fights with people who pick on others or just seriously pisses him off. He's especially violent against people who insult him by calling him an idiot, moron, or just any word that downgrades his intellect. He has a bit of a short temper and can be angered when rubbed the wrong way. Although not one to be filled with full murderous intent, he will beat people to a bloody pulp. He does not fight women or girls, unless it's absolutely necessary. He takes great care of his family and friends, and if any of them are injured severely, he'll not stop until he hunts down the guy responsible for it and beat the living shit out of him. When provoked and enraged, his violence may end up in killing the person who caused it. He'll be completely bloodlusted and thrash himself on them, wrecking them apart.

Josefu is a family man. He loves his family above all, because he was born without a mother or father figure in his memorable childhood, and the few members of what's left of his "family" took care of him and gave him all of his love. Josefu is very playful and often tries out tricks on his opponents in the middle of battle just to show off or to humiliate them if they wronged him in a way. He's very mischevious and gets into trouble. He has a strong heart and a huge will as well as motivation to fight. Josefu is quite a cocky guy and probably overconfident occasionally. He shows off with a happy smile.

The primary aspect of his character is how his personality fits into his fighting style. As a mischevious guy who likes to fight, Josefu can be described as a "clever trickster" or "tricky genius". He's very crafty because of how he always incorporates many tactics in his fighting style. He has a brilliant tactical mind, always inventing clever tricks on the spot to win a fight. He also doesn't mind fooling around even if his opponent is far stronger than him. He has a cunning aptitude to always predict an opponent's next move and to stay ahead of them. Josefu tends to speak out but can be serious about training.



playby: Joseph Joestar

Small Roleplay Sample:
most of yer know me and my rping but here ya go:

Once more, V had broken through the Raikage's Horin technique. The electrical discharge that amplified his sword's cutting power dispelled, leaving V with nothing but his bare swords. The strain on his muscles was beginning to fade away. "These failures are rather unbecoming of you, if I may say so, Lord Raikage. You I hack down every single one of your sparkly ropes, I find myself increasingly more annoyed having to put more effort into each and every stroke. Please, if you may indulge me so, Lord Raikage, do not falter this time".
V slowly walked towards the Raikage as he were preparing his jutsu. V was fully confident in his ability to swat away the Horin tendril once more. "Again, Lord Raikage? But sir, you have shown me your hand of tricks!" V made a swift uppercut to parry away the Horin, but just as he did so, the tendril, as if it had a life of its own, stick to his blade and wrapped around it. "Ohhhhhh..... I this is the bind that you speak of, my good Raikage."

V stabbed his left Ninjato upon the ground, knowing what is too come next. Using his hand, V caught the swirling left tendril with his fucking hand, allowing the tendril to slice open a cut on his palm. He then wrapped the Horin voluntarily around his hand, making it curl down his wrist. Keeping a firm grip, V then violently pulled on the left tendril, in hope of dragging the Raikage towards him. "Lovely rope I've got here!" But then, V could see the electricity starting to connect to each other from his blade to his hand. Reacting to this, V stabbed his right Ninjato down to the ground and placed his right hand 3 feet besides it, and stomped on the connecting electricity. The tendrils succeeded in forming a single ring to bind targets, but V had prevented the ring from shrinking so that his hand and blade won't come into contact with each other. He exerted more effort in stepping on the Horin ring, making it look as if he were squashing it...

How'd you find us: lol
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Josefu Josuta
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