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 Yuudai Nigashi {I WANT MY HOKAGE SPOT BACK >.<}

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Nigashi Yuudai
Nigashi Yuudai

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Yuudai Nigashi {I WANT MY HOKAGE SPOT BACK >.<} Empty
PostSubject: Yuudai Nigashi {I WANT MY HOKAGE SPOT BACK >.<}   Yuudai Nigashi {I WANT MY HOKAGE SPOT BACK >.<} EmptySat Feb 15, 2014 1:50 am

Yuudai Nigashi {I WANT MY HOKAGE SPOT BACK >.<} Blonde-20anime-20guy-jpg

Name: Nigashi, Yuudai

Shinobi Position: Hokage

Village: Konoha

Age: 27

Chakra Nature(s): Fire,Earth,Lava


To people who do not know Yuu he can come off as over bearing or reckless, But really he is actually very smart and cunning. When he is on the job he can be seriously sadistic, Which earned him the title "The Ultimate Sadist". When he is off the job he is usually mellow and kind of lazy, But when things need done he gets them done. If you were to ever meet him on the job he would look cool and calculated the sadism comes in when they capture a target. He has been known to leak lava on there hands and feet to make them talk. Though not all of his methods are known they all get results. But when he is off the job he is completely different he is nice and warm instead of sadistic and cold.


Pre Academy Arc
Yuudai was born on a normal day in konoha to Korobe and Kichi Kazame. This boy grew up with a sheltered life you see he was born with a special power in him he had the special ability known as a blood trait or Kekke Genkai he had the ability of Lava release. And for fear of his life his family never let him leave the house. At the age of 6 he talked to his father about allowing him to attend the ninja academy. His father was against it but after a long talk agreed.

Academy Arc
His years in the academy were lonely ones people did not know how powerful his ability was so he was made fun of often. He never made many friends the only friend he ever made was a young boy named Kobe they were close. His life started to turn around till it happened Yuudai had stayed behind to help clean with kobe. So he was late coming home and once he arrived a foul metallic smell was in the air. He walked into his parents bed room and saw them dead on the floor. He ran to them to try and wake them up...but nothing. He saw a note written in their blood on the wall {IF YOU HAD BEEN HERE THIS WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED WE WILL BE BACK}. This scared Yuudai to his core. After his parents murder he was never the same he became even more distant to everybody. His grades started slipping down from where they were. He stopped hanging with kobe. And nothing seemed to cheer him up. So once he graduated he was taken to mount fujinaku to train in the art of Lava style.

Genin Arc
After half a year his training was complete. And he returned to konoha to continue being a shinobi. He was distant from his team never trusting anybody. Though they went on missions together they were far from an actual team. They never hung out outside of training and missions. But the truth is he could not speak with them because of his fear of the ones he cares for being killed. So for more than a year he distances himself from his team. Until they were on a mission behind enemy lines it was very dangerous the village had a shortage of chunin so his team was sent in. It was a basic scroll retrieval mission that went south. They were almost out when they were spotted and surrounded by enemy shinobi. Though he did not know why when the enemy attacked he shielded his teammates with his body. Around that time their sensei showed up and saved them. When they got back they rushed yuudai to the hospital where after hours of surgery they saved his life. Several months later when he got out of the hospital his teammates threw him a party. This was the first time since his parents death that he felt like he had friends. After that they hung out all the time. not just at training but everywhere they were inseparable. Then when the time came to try for chunin the passed with flying colors. Then it was time for the big stuff.

Chunin Arc
The chuunin years were fairly well for him he began leading his own squad. He and his friends still hung out all the time. Life was good till the accident happened he and his friends were on an assassination mission for the village. When they found the guy he was stronger than the village had thought. The guy knocked them all down very fast. And drew a hidden blade from within his shirt and turned and it toward Yuudai. As he walked forward a person jumped in front of him. It was one of his teammates Yuu screamed "What are you doing" his teammate looked at him and said "Im paying you back for saving me as a kid". He said as he smiled the man drove the blade through his stomach. As he fell his other teammate caught him and laid him down and jumped on the mans back. She said "You will not hurt my friend". He slung her off and stabbed her as well. This sent Yuu into a fit of rage he used his Lava style to melt the man from the outside in. But instead of losing it he picked up is friends and carried them back to the village. On arrival he explained what happened to them about how their info was bad. He went to his house and just sat he did not leave for days. Their funeral was the first time anybody had seen him. Shortly after the funeral he returned to doing missions and was soon promoted to jounin.

Jounin Years
Yuu's Jounin years were quite he gt over the deaths of his teammates and was even assigned his own squad. Yuu was happy during this time. He loved being with his students all the time. He took them on missions every chance he got and trained them to be excellent shinobi. Upon there graduation to Chunin Yuu got some amazing News he was going to be promoted to ANBU the next week.

When Yuu became an ANBU he changed, He saw what the village went through day after day that the regular ninja had no idea about. He murdered countless people for his village and did whatever was asked of him. He is loyal to the village but he did not like the way the ANBU was being run. The current leader always sent the newest guys on the hardest missions. After 5 years under that idiot and seeing many gifted shinobi die because of his decisions he went before his kage and asked if he could replace him as leader. The hokage looked over the records and agreed to him being the new leader. With his kages permission and a new resolve he became the ANBU leader.

ANBU Leader Arc
It has been 3 years since Yuu became ANBU Leader and since then the ANBU have been better then ever. He has the inner workings of konoha perfect. He has sworn to protect this village even if it kills him. But until he draws his last breath he will continue to fight for his kage and his home.

Kage Arrival
He spent his years under the former hokage, doing whatever was needed of him. Murder, Interrogation, Espionage whatever was needed of him. And when the former Hokage retired it was decided that seeing as Yuudai was indeed skilled and smart he would lead the village. So after he was named he removed his mask for the final time and look at the world through his own eyes and not those of a ANBU Dog.

playby: Unknown found on google

[center]Small Roleplay Sample:

The sun was high as Yuudai stepped out of his office and smiled, He had been named hokage only a month ago and already he was getting used to the busy life he had chosen when he accepted. He stared at the children as the ran across the streets playing ninja. At the many citizens that went about there day selling things from there stores and carts. And at the many shinobi that walked the streets on there way to train or receive there next mission. All he could do was smile.

He walked back in and sat at his desk and picked up another form and began to fill it out. That was his daily routine now, Fill out papers then stare at his village. Yes that felt right HIS village the one he swore to protect and cherish until his dieing breath. And he could not be happier.

How'd you find us: Dengen
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Yuudai Nigashi {I WANT MY HOKAGE SPOT BACK >.<}
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