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PostSubject: Uchiha, Furea   Uchiha, Furea EmptyWed Feb 12, 2014 11:24 am

Uchiha, Furea Bleach_nanao_ise_by_shikanenara-d4uzwjh_zps750f2177

Name: Furea Uchiha
Shinobi Position: Jounin, Sensei
Village: Konohagakure
Age: 26
Chakra Nature(s): Fire and Lightening

Personality: Furea is not so much a girl you’d want to cross the wrong side of. She is a loving sweet female who well takes things a little too seriously sometimes. Nothing in the world matters to her except her team. She isn’t like most shinobi; her feelings do tend to affect how she is on the battle field. That isn’t to say that she gets all emotional when someone dies. No it determines her attacks and how she will proceed. She is very passionate about things, and well tends to do things off a whim a lot. Furea is very adventurous in anything and always has an open mind to things.  She is probably the calmest level headed female you’ll ever meet. She is quick to come up with the most random things at a moment’s notice. She is sometimes buried in a book and more focused on that then her surroundings. She doesn’t get scared or surprised to easily as she tends to analyze everything out. In battle she smart about using her surroundings for what they are.  Rea is a fast thinker and learner and will come up with everything she can to stay out of trouble. She is set apart from her clan with her personality. Her name means Flare, which she is just like her name spontaneous.  She is serious when faced with tasks brought on by someone else. Her team finds her a bit mean and torturous, only because she faces them with tasks that are a bit more advanced. Rea has a little too much fun when she is sparing but she always does her best and uses things to her advantage.

History:[Pre Academy Age]
Twenty-six years ago in the Uchiha clan a baby girl was born, the cousin to Dengen, Chozu and Menma. Her name was Furea Uchiha and she was one of only a few girls to bare the Uchiha name. She was raised in the Uchiha manor like the rest of her family members. Her father worked as Konohagakure Police and her mother stayed home to be with her daughter. Furea was actually an only child, and never had to deal with siblings. Her mother taught her the ways and history of the Uchiha clan. She was taught how to fight from a pretty early age. Her father wanted her to be like the greats and trained her in basic fighting. At the time he wasn’t sure if she would actually possess anything of the Uchiha’s. You see the young female wasn’t born with the typical black onyx colored eyes like the rest of her family. She was the rare case in the line and took on her mother’s blue eyes. At the time it wasn’t even known that because of that she would get the sharingan if put through the emotional stress.

[Academy] At the age of six she entered into the academy with a few other children. It was the best day of her life. During her time at the academy she was kind of in the middle of her class. It wasn’t the fact she wasn’t like the brilliant child of her family, because well she was. It was the fact that Furea wanted to be different than her family had been at the top of their class for so long. The young Uchiha had the tendency to goof off and pull pranks. This landed her into some massive trouble when she would come home at night. She rarely learned how to actually act like she was supposed. Rea did calm down a bit by the age of nine. After several detentions and figured out how to drag a Nara male around with her and got him into trouble she had calmed down. For two years nothing really happened to her, and she managed to graduate at the age of 11.

[Genin Years] Upon graduation and making her clan proud of her actually graduating, she was paired up with the same Nara boy who found her to be more troublesome girl, and an Inuzuka female. A few basic missions were given to the three genin and well didn’t prove all disastrous as their sensei thought it would. The three worked perfect as a team despite the differences, picked up on each other’s weakness when looking for a lost cat. Each had their own talent and it was proof that the Jounin leader had a lot to teach them. He understood where the three were as far as skills in their clan. At this point Furea hadn’t really master any of her clan’s techniques in fire. She was a bit of a slacker when it drove her to actually do something. When she went home from a mission one afternoon, she convinced her father to teach her the techniques that he knew. So he started to train her carefully still unaware of what the girl could and could not do. Furea proved that she was actually talented at the jutsu’s. With further training she became a natural just like her father. It took her a year of being a genin to actually master the basics of her father’s training jutsu.

[Chuunin Exams Part One] A year or so after graduating from the academy, Furea and her team were set up to participate in the chunin exams. They weren’t the rookies as everyone seen them as. The team had a year experience in missions that was a bit challenging but nothing could compare to what they were about to face. The first part of the exam went over pretty well. The team had made a pack to stick it out no matter what. Which, for the female it proved a little difficult because she felt like she was in over her head. Furea didn’t like the exam they were taking and well guessed at it. Her team did pass and moved on to the next test. When the three arrived at the training grounds, it was a given how few genin passed or well survived the first test. Most of them quit half way through the test. In any case they seemed to be a bit on edge just standing there waiting for the next test to start. The younger teams were about Furea’s age if not a year or two older than her. The test started and the youngest team of Konoha’s genin entered into the gates. Furea and her team entered in and immediately started searching for a team that had the opposite scroll as them, the heaven’s scroll. After a few days of searching they managed to actually find a team who had what they were looking for. Being a little cunning and clever between the Nara, Uchiha and Izunuka they pulled an ambush on the team. It was a matter of a few traps being set with strings. Rea stayed on a tree branch waiting for the trap to be released so she could swoop down and take the scroll. However, what the team didn’t think of is if their plan failed. As the young Uchiha female jumped out of the trees one of the members of the enemy team caught her off guard by charging at her. As the younger female dodged the attack, another enemy team member came up from behind her and stabbed her. She went down instantly with the pain of being stabbed coursed through her body. It was the first time she had felt this pain in her life. The man managed to miss all her major organs, and left her alive. As the Nara boy casted his shadows technique on one of the enemies; the Izunuka female ran after them fighting her way against another. Rea got up after realizing she was just being a baby with the pain and grabbed three kunai managing to hit two out of the three targets. It wasn’t enough however, as the same team member who brought down the Uchiha the first time used a jutsu against her and knocked her out cold.

The Nara boy stood on his own trying to defend the girl who managed to get him into trouble. The Izunuka female ran after the man who took down her team and well managed to succeed in fighting against him. However in her luck she was injured badly, a kunai to her shoulder and her right leg left her immobile. It was now down to the Nara male fought what he could on his own before losing against the three older genin. They lost their Earth scroll. When Furea woke up a few hours after the fight, they realized it would be hard to get two scrolls from anyone. The Uchiha female encouraged her team mates they could do it and win. As they reached the final day, they waited outside the tower for a team they could fight against and win easily. They found their team they could win against; a Sunagakure team who was right around their age, and showed no skills at all. Unlike their original plan of ambushing the team from above; the Konoha team decided to attack straight on. It was here where the Uchiha female actually proceeded what her family thought and used the clan’s jutsus with ease and grace. She finally mastered them. It was still unknown at the time if she would activate the sharingan or not. In the midst of their battle, and an epic one at that, the Suna team gave up giving the team their scrolls. The Nara male, Izunuka female and the Uchiha female made a run to the door where they would be allowed in. When they arrived at the door and solved the puzzle, it was actually Rea who solved it they were too late. The test had ended two hours before their arrival. Disappointed at the fact they lost, the team knew they would have to train harder and fight harder the next exam came up.

[Chuunin Exams Part 2-one year later-] A year had passed since their last attempted chunin exams took place. The Konoha team that was once one of the younger teams to fight in the chunin exams did extra missions. Well they were a few C ranked missions. The team learned from their mistakes and was confident walking into the exams again. They were all about thirteen years old and had a grip on their teamwork and individual abilities. Furea trained alongside her father and uncle to gain more control and strength in fighting. Of course the two wanted to take it easier on her because well she was a bit precious to them. Naturally Rea being the way she was refused to it and it showed in her training. When the first exam started the three genin made it look easy going through the written test, scoring high and understanding how to use their surroundings for help. The next test, the one they failed before was a bit harder still. The starting day they entered into the gates, nervous of another failure as a team. The Uchiha gave them confidence by well being a little odd and funny, only making jokes about the other teams. The Konoha genin entered the gates moving fast knowing they had to find a scroll before the five days were up. The first team they stumbled across had an earth scroll, the one they needed. Rea was the first to take on the team, she was stalling them so the Nara could perform his shadow jutsu, and the Izunuka could take on one of them with a kunai. It was actually a success, the one Inunuka female showed her skills and quickly took down the genin she was suppose to with ease and grabbed the earth scroll from them. Furea took on another all by herself and actually without using her jutsu tripped the poor ninja and he fell to the ground. The Nara knocked out the remaining member of that team, by using a basic jutsu. The team made a run for it to the tower in the middle of the forest. Luck was on their side as they were cautious and using the Izunuka’s dog to track down and avoid other teams. They reached the tower within a day, and made sure they traveled at night so they wouldn’t be found as easily. Furea again solved the puzzle remembering everything from the year previous and well they passed the second exam with flying colors. The team was so happy that they had to celebrate. Well the two girls gave each other hugs in the sense that it was almost over with. The final part to their exam was an individual one and well it was nerve racking what they were going to do. It was the fighting part, and even though the three were good at fighting they weren’t sure how well if they would be pinned against each other. Furea was in the first round of fighting. She stepped out on to the ring in the stadium and almost puked knowing how many people were watching. She could see her whole clan almost up in the stands cheering her on. Never was it usual that this female was scared, nervous, or even timid. She took a breath walking out trying to control her nerves against her opponent, who happened to be older and about twice her size. The fight began with no problem the man who Furea was facing managed to get the upper hand as he kept close to her. What the opponent did was use his weight and taijutsu against the younger female causing her to be thrown off balance at points. Just when it seemed that she would lose against the man, she used her intelligence against him and figured out how to block him. Her mind was stressed out over failing another year and trying to figure out how to defeat him that it activated her sharingan; well the first tomeo of the sharingan, and started to track his movements and speed.

Furea dodged his attacks moving quickly away from him so she could get some long range attacks in. Using a few fire jutsus, and her kunais she gained the upper hand against him. It took her a few minutes to come up with a plan but she realized that she could use the wall for speed and take down the man. She ran as fast as she could and leveraged herself once she hit the wall of the stands and boosted some chakra in her legs so she could fly forward. Her next move while she was gaining the speed she needed was the fireball jutsu. It was aimed straight for the man who in turned dodged it. When he dodged it, the Uchiha figured out away to throw a kunai straight at him. The weird part was the man didn’t see it coming and was hit hard by it. He fell to the ground and well Rea couldn’t stop all the way so she collided with a small rock when she was running and landed face first into the ground. She was ok of course a few scratches, bruises and cuts along her face, neck, and body. When she looked over at her opponent he was pretty still.

Either she made it so he lost most of his chakra or she really did have a good aim. Whatever the case was she managed the win against him. After her fight she was examined to make sure she was not injured or anything. Her Mother and Father raced down to see her hugging her in congratulations for winning, of course it was unknown if she had passed the chunin exams or not. The female walked up to the stands and stood by her sensei watching the next few fights. As luck had it her two teams both were successful in their wins too. A very sinking feeling came across Rea as she realized she had activated her sharingan in the fight. She knew it wasn’t all bad because well things would be better and she could contribute to the team more this way. She feared though her teammates would look at her different because she was becoming the one thing she never wanted to admit to. She became an Uchiha one that had the ability that was both a blessing and a curse.

The second fight of her Chuunin exams wasn’t as difficult as she thought it would be. Furea faced an opponent that was her age. The girl was fast and well the Uchiha proved to be just a bit faster. The girl kept her on her toes the whole fight. It wasn’t a battle of jutsus no entering that arena again proved it was a hand to hand combat. Both females fought hard against each other and well the Uchiha female managed to be victorious. The third fight was one that caused everyone to be on their seats for. The Nara male; who Rea came to know and love, was now on the opposite end of her fight. She walked out into the ring smiling a little at her past two victories against two worthy opponents. Her blue eyes set now on her opponent. Nerves and guilt rushed over her as she realized this fight would be harder than anything she had fought in before. She was battling her teammate, someone she knew and enjoyed being around. It was not the advantage she was worried about but rather their friendship after.

Furea took a sigh as she walked closer to him, and she closed her eyes hoping this was all just a dream. It wasn’t given the circumstances. The two looked at each other at that moment and laughed at how stupid they were being. The Nara male held out his hand before he fight started and well the Uchiha female shook it in the friendship in the end moment.  The fight started and both went at each other with all they had. The boy was faster than well the girl had thought, but she was able to keep up with him with her eyes tracking his movements and using them against him. He knocked her down, and what was thought for a brief moment life was over…. The male rushed over to his team mate who was on the ground passed out and laid his head on her heart just to make sure she wasn’t dead. Her heart was still beating softly beneath her chest. Well when the boy did that Furea was already starting to come to realizing that his head was on her chest she slapped him instantly. It caused well him to almost go flying at how strong her slap was. The fight was back on and in the end, it was a draw. Both the Uchiha and the Nara managed to knock themselves out. A week later the team was given the news that they had passed, and were officially chunin.

[Chuunin Years] It took a few missions of well the basics to get use to actually being a chunin. The team now had to learn from each other’s ability as a team. What they had started before was good and well working as a team on a few missions that were well just protection for certain people crossing the lands. One mission didn’t go over as well as they planned. This mission was a simple one, taking a group of builders back to their village and making sure they wouldn’t be robbed. Well as they crossed into the Otogakure, mercenaries who wanted the builders dead ambushed the team. It was planned out perfectly where the team was split up due to the builders having to grab materials as they went. A team of mercenaries, about three of them made their attack on Furea’s position trying to go after the builders. The Uchiha female fought hard against them using everything she knew in the book to win. Well it came down to her copying their jutsu’s and using that against them. It was her luck they were using fire base jutsus. Rea defeated them and actually killed the men who were attacking. She knew she couldn’t leave her post to help the others out and held back not moving from her spot. The one thing she did was whistle softly but loud enough to be heard by her two teammates. It was a signal like a birdcall if you will call it, seeing if the other two would respond back. One whistle could be heard, a high pitch one much like the Uchiha’s, she knew that was the Izunuka. A weaker one like someone was on the verge of dying could be heard, and she knew there was something wrong with the Nara male. Their sensei had been following them from a distance to make sure the three wouldn’t get into much over their head.

When he arrived Furea explained to him what happened and that they had a team member down. The sensei took off in the direction of where the builder and the Nara had been last seen. The Nara boy suffered from some injuries but they went on. Their Sensei stayed close to them and made sure the builders wouldn’t get off track. Upon entering the village, another attack was made on their lives. This time it wasn’t the builders who the shinobi were after it was the team. These were enemy ninja from Kumogakure sent to kill the team of chunin and their leader. It was a sign that there was no peace between the two nations, and later on would be a war. These ninja were a lot stronger than the two chunin and their sensei. No matter what Furea knew the two girls and their sensei had it covered. Using her sharingan to help her fight, the Uchiha female took down two of the four enemy ninja. With the stress of the battle and not sure if her other teammate was alright, the next stage of her sharingan and created the second tomeo in her eyes. She was using the ability of their attacks against them. Well she was giving them a disadvantage by dodging and using her own ability to fight. Two of them went down with ease. The female rushed over to her teammate who was struggling a bit and helped out even more. With the two females they put their minds together and well gained an upper hand. With all four Kumo ninja’s were defeated they were to move on to the village where the builders were safe. The team returned to Konohagakure where the Nara boy received some extra medical treatment for the wounds. Of course Furea made sure he was all right as she seen him as a brother at that point. A few months after the attack on the chunin of Konoha, war broke out between the nations causing them all to go to war. Of course Furea was kind of excited to go, and well her grandfather, Sasuke was curious about how he had such an odd granddaughter.

This was actually the point where a little bond was formed between the two Uchiha. After receiving her letter, the female was fourteen years old and not sure if it was good to be excited about going into battle, her grandfather sat her down on the porch of her home and explained to her the whole history of what happened when he was her age. Of course Rea knew all that and she had this whole thing about not listening to him. Understanding in a year she was actually noticed by the whole clan. When Sasuke told her about using the sharingan and the last stage, the young Uchiha swore she wouldn’t let it happen like that. He warned her however not to get caught up in her training or actually fighting to give life a chance. She agreed to that. As she set off into battle, she learned her younger cousin; Chozu was in battle along with her. It was weird to have a genin doing the things she did. There was a huge difference between the two; Furea wasn’t as talented as he was. She fought in battle and set all her emotions aside. A few years into the war, the Uchiha was about sixteen years old. She had seen her share of fellow comrades falling to their death next to her. Rea held her own understanding it was a part of battle, and it was life that this happened. She kept pressing on and finally facing Kumogakure again, she had learned a technique from her father, Chidori. She used the lightening base jutsu against ninja who were attacking and ended up winning. She perfected several lightening jutsus. Her team fought alongside her as the war kept going. It was two years after, on her eighteenth birthday her mother was killed in battle. She was fighting alongside her teammates when an enemy ninja killed her. Furea gotten word about it and well felt sad about her mother’s death. She knew her mother died in battle and protected the village for that. The funeral took place a few days after and the young Uchiha female came home. That was the last time she actually had fought with her team in battle too.

[Jounin Years] Six months after her mother’s passing, Furea was given her test to become a Jounin. It had been five years since she became a chuunin, and while she was nervous she knew she was ready for the trials. She went into the exam, with nerves again. Only she was different now, she had grown up a lot since the chunin exams and well it showed. She became a bit more serious but well still was happy. Her mother’s death hit her hard but she dealt with it in a way that most probably never thought of. She had meditated every morning when she could and when she wasn’t in battle. The Uchiha went through the whole process of the exam completing everything and fighting with her will against stronger opponents it showed she had more structure and understood her abilities. The blue eyed Uchiha passed with flying colors much to her surprise. Once again she had made her father and clan proud, even though she wasn’t the prodigy of the family. Her first mission as a Jounin was intense and was a solo mission.

Normally Rea would have been on an A ranked mission but this one required a bit more talent and the Hokage found her to be fit for the job perfectly. She was given the task of an assassination of a shinobi in another village. This mission was a part of the war and would give them a greater advantage than before. Furea was calm when she entered in the village of Iwagakure. She snuck in the village without being detected by anyone and found her target. As she walked carefully up to him, the target turned around looking at her. The man knew she was there for him found her beauty (if in her dorkness) to be amazing. He remarked on her being there as it was probably the best way to die was in the hands of this woman. He started fighting her, not really wanting to accept his death. Rea gained the upper when she activated her sharingan. The fight took about an hour but she stabbed him to death in the middle of the road in Iwa. The moment she stabbed the man a new feeling of emotions washed over her. It was the fact she had killed someone who actually complemented her on something other than skill. The emotional stress of killing him activated her third and final tomeo. A female passing by seen what happened, and when she told others about Furea and her assassination, alls the woman could say was Utsukushi ishi or beautiful death. It soon became the nickname for the girl who was out on her own missions. People feared her and seen her coming though she wore the Uchiha Clan Symbol on her right arm no one recognized her as a part of that clan but something different. By the age of twenty, the young Uchiha female was in and out of battle, and doing missions like the rest. Her teammates had gone on to the Jounin level just shortly after her. Rea had completed a few S ranked missions but mainly was stuck to A ranked when she wasn’t in battle. No longer was the female immature and reckless like she was during her genin years, she had become a calm and sweet girl, but deadly when faced in battle. A year after showing her success in battle, at the age of twenty-one she was recruited for a few short years in ANBU Ops. It was weird for her actually being in something with a different pace, and she didn’t quite grasp the idea of what she was suppose to do but her missions were about the same as her normal Jounin missions. Rea actually enjoyed what she was doing but wanted to do something else. When she reached twenty-two her younger cousin, Chozu had entered in the ranks. It was only natural for her to feel a little jealous as she blossomed into her greatness later. A few missions she worked alongside her cousin, when she was needed to. She didn’t mind working with him but saw him as the definition of their clan. Of course Furea was different because along the lines she was the rare case of having different colored eyes and well she held that against having a cousin who was like their grand uncle, Itachi. It took her some time to get use to having him around, but she had a little bond with him.

By the end of her 22nd birthday, the war had ended and peace was starting to settle in the major villages. The Uchiha female took this as a sign to step back from the ANBU Ops and made her decision to become a Jounin Sensei. She was twenty-three years old when she stepped back from her job and took on a new role. At first she didn’t have a team right away, as the academy students hadn’t graduated just yet. Furea felt that she needed to give her experiences back to her future team. When they did graduate however, and got her as a leader they were scared of her. The three boys she was given thought she was the most beautiful creature in the world….until she started to train them and they went on missions. Rea learned early on that fear wasn’t always a good thing and created problems for them. So when they weren’t on missions she took them out to training grounds and had spar sessions. She was quick to learn their strengths versus their weakness and well pried on them to figure out how to make them stronger.

Their first C rank mission was like one she had done when she was a chunin, an escort to another village. Of course it took a lot of pleading for this mission to happen for the genin but she promised everything that they were strong enough to go. When they arrived in the village however after a long journey, the person they were escorting was attacked. Her team jumped into action quickly and well was defeated. It was one simple fact they weren’t prepared. Furea jumped in before the genin could get hurt and used her ability with the sharingan and defeated the man so easy. Her team however wanted to know more about why her eyes were red during the fight. It was weird for her to explain her ability using the sharingan, and using it to copy techniques but for the most part the genin understood it to being her clan’s ability. Sure enough they were fascinated what their leader could do. About six months after their return from their mission, the chunin exams were upon them. Rea left it up to her team to actually to participate or not. When the meeting was called the young Jounin met with others and gave the ok for her team to be in the exams. It was a rookie team that was the under dogs. Like team 7 about sixty years ago, but less trouble her team passed onto the chunin level with no problem. The Uchiha female was proud of how hard they worked to obtain their goals. They started on their first missions as chuunins. Furea still continued to work with them, making them stronger on more individual level. She wasn’t able to give them everything as far as where their skills were headed and what they felt like they needed to accomplish. Often times she would set out on missions with them, but never did she actually have to fight. This well, was good for her because she was bored with stepping in and fighting for them. Once returning back to the village she was faced with other tasks that seemed to take up more time. Her team went on to others who could help them with the skills.

One of the boys became a medic and well was really good at filling in at the hospital. The other two actually had more advanced skills and became ANBU chunin. About two years later after watching her first team succeed, she watched, as life seemed to throw curve balls at the clan. It started with her younger cousin, the prodigy; Chozu left the village and killed the Mizukage. Then, her older cousin Dengen, who was the Hokage, decided to leave the village. It was confusing for the clans as to why they left, but something told Furea that Chozu had a good reason for leaving. It was either jealousy or well the caring nature but she knew something was up with it. There was no proof she could find in why the two would leave or where they would go. Only soon after the youngest of her cousins; Menma, left the village in peruse of his brother and the truth behind it. For the Uchiha clan things weren’t looking so well with them. It was the fact all of them were leaving it seemed and to become missing ninja. Rea however, decided she would be the one to stay and prove her clan wouldn’t betray the village again. It was the understanding of two generations of Uchihas that one, a female, could understand about staying in the village and the fact of there was a truth that needed to be discovered under it all. While digging in some archives, she discovered a few things. One being that there was more power to the clan other than said. Another was their ability with the sharingan and what it could do. It didn’t take long when a new organization, one like the akatsuki appeared on the doorsteps of Konoha. The Jewnikami strike was probably the hardest thing the now older Uchiha had to face. For her it was a lot of getting villagers out of their homes. She didn’t have the chance to actually fight against the two members, but rather watched as a building collapsed injuring her best friend and former teammate. It was the Nara male who broke his leg in the process of clearing out a building when it was struck. At the end of the strike and well when things started to settle down again, Rea was happy no one was hurt. She helped with the rebuilding of Konohagakure and well on her end tried show she wasn’t like her clan. By the end of the six months from the strike on Konoha she had a new set of genin… One’s she could torture more.

playby: Ise Nanao
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Keanu's third

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