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PostSubject: Hagoromo , Fusayo   Hagoromo , Fusayo EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 9:28 pm

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Name: Hagoromo Fusayo .

Shinobi Position: ANBU Medic .

Village: Sunagakure .

Age: Twenty Four .

Chakra Nature(s): Yin & Yang , Fire , Wind .

Personality: Fusayo was once the timid chunin only woman in the village of Sungakure with a giant fear of being near blood. However, that has changed in the recent years. Fusayo is a rather hardy young woman now with her eyes set on the horizon about everything else. Blood is no longer a large factor when Fusayo comes into close contact with it, instead she's more then likely to seek out those that are most important that way she can learn of their fate.

However, there is a small piece that hasn't changed since her dramatic change over the years. Fusayo has remained the calm and kindred spirited woman, always worrying about who ever she comes across and is more likely to help someone then allow them to remain stranded in the middle of no where. Even against her better judgment as an ANBU medic. But she is rather cautious when coming across injured people in the middle of no where.

Fusayo knows that her gift can both get her and her village in trouble, thus keeps it to a minimal of who knows of her Kami given gift.  She doesn't value herself above all us, but she values her gift as a main reason why she should remain living, and honestly isn't afraid to tell someone if it'll keep her alive.

History: Fusayo was born in Sungakure to the dwindling numbers of the Hagoromo Clan. The youngest by four years to her older brother Daisuke, she was a rather precious little girl to the family as there weren't that many females in the family to begin with. Loved by her family her childhood seemed anything but abnormal.

She ended up going into the Ninja Academy  at the age of five years old, her brother was already nearing the completion years by the time she started. Fusayo learned by this age after a sparing accident of what was in her head that she could do. It was a seemless and innocent act that she could see the 'future' of whose ever blood came into contact with her skin.

In the beginning, it was harmless.. she thought that it was possible that she was just dreaming while awake. The truth finally came when Fusayo was a genin and on a routine mission just beyond the Sungakure walls. It was because of her Sensei that she learned of what was contained in her blood. It was an accidental splatter from a tato wound that caused her to convulse and eventually black out from witnessing her sensei's demise; which would only remain true years later.

The young teenager became a chunin, and for four years that was the only thing that occurred.  Fusayo hated the idea that she could see someone's future and know what would happen, that they would eventually die, how they would die; the pain that they would feel. That changed though when she met Chozu Uchiha. It was an accident, wild dogs within the village decided to chase after her. Fusayo blamed him for a while in her mind, herself because only did blood and war flood in the coming months and even years.

Though.. it all changed. Fusayo changed because of all of this; she sought as a mean to change the future from what happened. Fusayo decided to train herself further and further, to near dehydration and starvation. From this, Fusayo gained the ranking of ANBU Medic, allowing herself to be drenched in someone's blood in order to keep them alive before death claimed them before their time.

She remains unaware that her blood contains further secrets.

Playby: Luka Megurine .

Small Roleplay Sample: No thanks .

How'd you find us: Ol' Member .

Note // Fusayo is an event character, and thus any known abilities have been discussed and approved.
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