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 Uzumaki Hoshu

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Uzumaki Hoshu
Uzumaki Hoshu

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PostSubject: Uzumaki Hoshu   Thu Feb 06, 2014 2:12 am

Name: Uzumaki Hoshu

Shinobi Position: Hokage

Village: Leaf Village

Age: 25

Chakra Nature(s): Wind and Water


Almost too happy of a guy. As his role as the 8th Hokage he would do everything in his power to protect the village. All of the evil in the world is just stationary compared to what he is capable of. With his grandfather's jutsu he plans on bringing the peace forward in a rush.


It had been a long and hard road for Uzumaki Hoshu as a child. He was born, his father Naruto said, as a exact equal to the Fourth Hokage. His looks were just one of the many things he picked up from his lucious grandfather. Always being held and compared to Uzumaki Minato made him strive to learn the same legendary jutsu as him.

Everything he did was for the goal of surpassing the man that people constantly held him at the pedestal. Since he was a genin he had been training to master the Flying Rajin jutsu. By the time he had become a chunin he had got the basics of the very advanced jutsu. Then when he became a jounin he was able to use the jutsu.

Along with his rasengan and ability to cope in battle he rose to the top of his class. The amount of good he had inside of him led him to the front of the choice to be the new Hokage after their previous ones defected.

Under his guidance he will do everything to lead it into the normal path again.

playby:Uzumaki Minato

Small Roleplay Sample:

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Uzumaki Hoshu
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