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 Welcome to Madness [Sadou]

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Uchiha Zero
Uchiha Zero

Posts : 4
Join date : 2013-11-25
Age : 30
Village : Formerly Konohagakure

Welcome to Madness [Sadou] Empty
PostSubject: Welcome to Madness [Sadou]   Welcome to Madness [Sadou] EmptyMon Feb 03, 2014 5:47 pm

Welcome to Madness [Sadou] Tumblr_lyygpnjVnO1qfbz1so1_500

A cloaked hooded figure could be seen walking along a path headed towards a village. Zero had heard rumors he might be around here someplace experimenting. It was his passion or so Hauchi told him and rather strange experiments too sometimes he liked to change his looks and appear to be a woman so finding the man would be hard for sure. He might be a little nutty and mad but he needed him back in Jewnikami where his skills could be better put to use and bribing him would be easy with the promises of all the experiments he wanted excluding members of the Jewnikami would be enough to win him over hopefully. Still how to find him he was a crafty one and could disguise himself easily. Such a troublesome one indeed he thought walking into the village now. It was small and quaint located off the beaten path few travelled here to stay most passed through on business of some kind and was given the blind eye by the major villages not that he was worried there he was dead for all they knew so no one ever came looking for him he was a ghost an enigma.

Spotting a bar he would head inside there now and took a seat in a corner of the room in a booth. Soon after a waitress walked up and he would order some warm sake and peanuts to enjoy. He would smile as she hurried off she was cute but hardly his type and besides he had his eye set on Keanu right now and he wouldn't give up on her yet. His eyes gleamed red as his sharigan scanned the room sizing up everyone currently present none seemed to fit the bill of Sadou but it was early maybe the man would show up for a drink in normal form so he'd be easier to find for a change as he knocked back a saucer of his Sake now he hoped he didn't have to wait long to see if he showed here soon or not.

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Village : Takigakure

Welcome to Madness [Sadou] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Madness [Sadou]   Welcome to Madness [Sadou] EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 6:00 pm

As a Newcomer to the village, it was unsurprising that Zero attracted some attention. Especially dressed as he was... Especially in a village like this, where most wore light clothing, with somewhat, Bright colors. Though, there was quite a few villagers watching him, whispering among themselves as he moved toward, and into, the bar. After taking a seat, it didn't take long, before his table was approached by an old man. The whispers quietened down, as he leaned on his stick, turning a set of milky white eyes onto Zero. Unusually, unlike most of the villagers, the old man wore a darker set of clothes, made from wool, it hung off his frame, easily seen as too large for him.

"Well then, young man... I'd be guessing you're looking for someone, Arn't you? We don't get many strangers around these parts. Rarely, some of those Ninjas pass through here... You one of them, 'Hunter Ninja' or something?"

He leaned heavily on a walking stick, bending forwards to peer closer at Zero as he did, eyes squinting...
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Uchiha Zero
Uchiha Zero

Posts : 4
Join date : 2013-11-25
Age : 30
Village : Formerly Konohagakure

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Madness [Sadou]   Welcome to Madness [Sadou] EmptySat Feb 08, 2014 6:30 pm

Of course he expected to draw attention to himself wearing what he did. That was the reason why he wore it to hopefully draw out Sadou through his curiosity. He'd noticed what everyone else normally wore which made him stick out like a sore thumb for sure but he didn't care long as it served it's purpose in luring out his target. He'd ignore the looks and whispers that he had to be some kind of Hunter Nin or Mercenary since he wore no headband to be seen and disguised himself hiding his face from everyone. He'd let them think what they wanted to he was hardly worried about a fight breaking out now he was more than prepared to take care of such issues they'd soon regret such actions against him. He'd hear hushed whispers now and looked up to see a old man approaching him now seeming to single him out now as everyone else looked away not making eye contact because of the old man's arrival now. It was odd what he wore it looked a bit too big for him but he didn't seem to mind at all. "You could say that but I'm only looking to talk really with a man named Sadou. I'm just a ghost really a nobody the shinobi world thinks to be dead." He replied sipping a little bit more at his Sake now as he examined the old man a little closer now.

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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to Madness [Sadou]   Welcome to Madness [Sadou] Empty

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Welcome to Madness [Sadou]
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