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 Everything has Changed (open)

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PostSubject: Everything has Changed (open)   Everything has Changed (open) EmptyThu Jan 30, 2014 3:46 pm

Everything has Changed (open) PgTFJw1lql5ux8CuWaZedmN0IB4

"Tanrei, Where did you go running to?" The Inuzuka female said to the red dog that ran to her. The dog just barked and wagged her tail. The pair was sent on a mission, even though the female was an Academy Sensei, that didn't stop them from still sending them on missions. It was only a recon mission, simple enough, but it took them deep into enemy territory. Tanrei was serious, as well as her companion, but they looked at ease, and even a bit playful.

It was Suzume's job to ensure that they got the information, but with Tanrei along, they would get it. Tanrei could get into places that Suzume couldn't, which was fine with her. Tanrei could take care of herself, and Suzume could do the same. She proved that years ago. She wasn't expecting trouble, and she didn't want trouble. Suzume didn't have her head protector on, because she didn't want people to know her, even though her face was a dead give-a-way. There wasn't much she could do about that. "Anything interesting, that i should know about." She asked Tanrei, and the dog took off again, in the same direction that she had before. This time Suzume walked in the same direction as the dog.

Suzume felt eyes watching her moves, she wasn't going to draw attention to the fact that she could feel them watching her. They went out of their way who ever it was to cover their smell. Something was off about this mission, and Tanrei could feel it too. When Suzume left the spot where she just was there was a commotion. It took everything she had not to go running back. Tanrei was leading her in a circle, so that they could watch from a distance. When the area got into view, she hunkered down under a bush and watched. There was three people all yelling at each other.

Tanrei wined next to her, and Suzume looked at her briefly, and knew that they were there to take them out for whatever reason. She wouldn't let them take her out. "Everything has changed Tanrei" Suzume whispered, as she pulled out three kunai knives. She threw all three, and one hit the target and killed. The other two had more sense to doge, and the knives whizzed passed them. Suzume had a feeling that they would come in the direction that the knives were thrown. After the first attack they were now on their guard. Which meant more work for them. Suzume pulled out two more knives and threw them. One guy took it in the arm, while the other one dodged yet again. This guy was going to be slippery. Tanrei shot out of from the bush like a bat out of hell. She went after the injured guy, and got him on the ground. His partner moved to take out Tanrei, but well Suzume came up from behind and slit his throat open. " That should take care of him." She said as she walked over to where her dog held one guy on the ground.

"Who sent three thugs to kill me?" Suzume asked as and Tanrei snarled in his face. I will never tell you!The guy said, and Suzume just shook her head. "Oh i think you will." Tanrei's teeth chomped down on the guys right arm. He screamed The Raikage, he ordered the kill! Suzume smiled and said "Now that wasn't so hard." As she stuck her kunai into his heart.

"Messy Business Killing people." She said to Tan, standing up and moving away from the body.
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PostSubject: Re: Everything has Changed (open)   Everything has Changed (open) EmptyThu Jan 30, 2014 9:03 pm

      It was far and few missions that have been a lot lately, well not that the kunoichi was complaining because she was enjoying the traveling. Furea had been from village to village, in search of well something to do. She was following her teammate Suzume, well was until she had a slight distraction in the hidden sound village. This female was quick and well had everything to support her in what she did. She ran trying to find out where her teammate was at. Rea rushed quickly and activated her sharingan to find the chakra signature of her friend. Through the trees she managed to keep her balance as she flew through the trees. She could tell she was getting close but another chakra signature came up in front of her, one she didn’t know about. Quickly the female deactivated her sharingan and jumped out of the tree to the ground and cautiously pulled out her sword. She knew what this was, an ambush or something. It was the fact that when she was on travels she couldn’t just keep something that would give her away. She wore her typical outfit a samurai type outfit with her headband on her left upper arm.  

      “I know you are there…. Show yourself…” A males voice could be heard only a few meters away. Rea stepped cautiously towards him and a little smirk appeared on her face. She looked at the man waiting for him to approach her or make a move. The female gripped her sword. “Ah a leaf village kunoichi… this could be interesting. Not the one I was looking for.” He spoke again. “Oh I am sorry but that’s a bit unfair to say I am not the girl you’re looking for… Kinda cliché if you ask me.” Rea spoke to him with a little curiousity in her voice. “I am looking for an Uchiha girl to kill.”He spoke and her smirk because he was talking about her. It’s when the man figured out she was the one he was looking for he threw two kunai at her and she blocked easily before stabbing him. “Please don’t ever come after me again. You’ll be lucky to survive this.” She spoke softly. Her sword didn’t hit any major arteries or organs nor did it go all the way in. It was enough to let him bleed until someone found him or he came to his senses. She pulled her sword out and let the man drop before running again to where she remembered Suzume’s chakra was at. She again activated her sharingan, again she seen two chakra signatures one she knew. Furea moved into the tree and rested there watching her friend kill a kumo ninja. A little laugh escaped her mouth as she jumped down looking at Suz with her read eyes. “You shouldn’t have killed him he would have been great to get some information…” She spoke with a little laugh. It was the ANBU part of her.

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PostSubject: Re: Everything has Changed (open)   Everything has Changed (open) EmptyTue Feb 04, 2014 4:00 pm

    Tanrei smelled Rea before Suzume did and let out a little bark, to signal a friend. Suzume smiled knowing that Furea just couldn’t stay a way from a fight let alone join in on one. She didn’t say a word until Rea was in front of her and said about keeping him for information. Suzume watched her with a smile playing on her lips. ”Rea, I probably could have killed you.” she spoke softly standing up. She didn’t care about interrogation. She just wanted to be done with the mission she was on. ”I’m not in it for the information, he attacked I wanted to know who sent him, and well I found out. I wasn’t in the ANBU, like you. I’m a sad lonely little Academy Sensei. “ She said with a laugh she wasn’t sad nor was she lonely. Tan barked playfully, and ran over towards Rea, Tan was always happy to see someone she knew, which was like everyone in their home. Rea was someone that Tan didn’t get to see often enough so she often missed her. Suzume looked at Rea and questioned ”What are you doing here anyways, thought you were on a mission or something.” She was glad that she was there but Suzume just wondered why she was there. ”I’m glad to see you, don’t get me wrong, but I rarely ever see you out in the field, not since our Chuunin days together.”
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PostSubject: Re: Everything has Changed (open)   Everything has Changed (open) Empty

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Everything has Changed (open)
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