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 Sadou's Body Modifications!

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Sadou's Body Modifications! Empty
PostSubject: Sadou's Body Modifications!   Sadou's Body Modifications! EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 1:13 am

Rubber Mod:
Strengths (One of, or Several)
Massive increase to flexibility
Entire body has been 'Rubberised' enabling user to Stretch limbs and the like to extreme ranges.
Near-immunity to most techniques involving electricity
Able to alter shape of body at will.

Downsides(One of, or Several):
Constant input of chakra to muscles to be able to move normally, and to keep a normal form
Nearly Impossible to manipulate lightning chakra. D-rank at the most.
Harder to control chakra to form techniques, Increases time required to use Jutsus.
Increased weakness to Ice Techniques

Brain+ Mod:
Strengths (One of, or Several)
Increased Mental Agility,
Increased Perception,
Increased Reflexes,
Gains Traits (Perfect Memory, Synesthesia to Chakra, )
Able to have 'Timestop' moments, forcing mind to work extremely fast. (can be Supplemented with Chakra)
Downsides(One of, or Several):
Headaches of various strengths,
Disorientation, when using Perception/Timestop
Overuse of Timestop may damage brain,

Cat Mod:
Strengths (One of, or Several)
Enhanced Dexterity,
Enhanced Flexibility,
Enhanced Hearing (Cat Ears attached)
Advanced Prehensile Third 'Arm' (Cat Tail, increased Strength for tail)

Downsides(One of, or Several):
Increased Appetite,
Lazyness, Urge to Groom self, Dislike/Fear of Water
Habit of making others do your work, Overly affectionate,
Has a habit of coughing up furballs, odd instinctual urges.

Bear Mod:
Strengths (One of, or Several)
Enhanced Strength,
Enhanced Durability,
Enhanced Stamina,

Downsides(One of, or Several)
Increased Appetite,
Feels sleepy during winter, increased lazyness, tends to grow fatter easier before winter, Has a habit of taking slower, more ponderous steps, Falls into a routine around a place, Gets angrier easier at those intruding upon their 'place', Increased 'Protective' rage over siblings/relatives/children.

Owl Mod:
Strengths (One of, or Several)
Increased Perception
Larger rotation of the the neck possible
Gain near-perfect Night vision
Downsides(One of, or Several)
Very sleepy during the day
Gain colorblind/Monochrome vision!
weaker neck, due to increased rotation of head.
Fixed eyes, need to move head to track things, look at different things, and such.

Salamander Mod:
Strengths (One of, or Several)
Regeneration Capabilities (Very Slow, uses natural healing methods.)
Can increase Regeneration Speed with Chakra, A-S-rank amount depending on the speed wanted.
Increased resistance to Fire/Heat style techniques
Moves faster the hotter the environment

Weaknesses (One of, or Several)
Slower movement in colder environments/climates
Weakness to Cold/Ice style techniques
Gains a Hatred/Dislike of Water, and Baths. May also have trouble with transportation.
Odd desire to hunt down and eat insects.

Wolf Mod:
Strengths (One of, or Several)
Increased Speed
Increased Stealth
Increased Stamina
Downsides(One of, or Several)
Greater hunger for meat, requires more food
Works best in a pack, has confidence issues when alone
Gains a few dog-like instincts

Weaponized Organics:

Wind Cannon/Thruster Tubes
Gained through use of


Strengths: (One of)
Increased Acceleration/Movement speed through Air ejected from tube, Increase depends on chakra used to power Tube.
Wind Attack, Destruction level depends on chakra used to power Tube.
Requires Chakra to function, D-S Justu Rank amount.

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Posts : 6
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Village : Takigakure

Sadou's Body Modifications! Empty
PostSubject: Sadou's Tools   Sadou's Body Modifications! EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 1:14 am

Sadou's Armor!
Largely altered Shiketsu no In, Stops progression of Genetic Disease, Imbued.
Layered Tsuyome no In, on all sections of the armor, Very High increase in durability.
Sectioned Heiso Kajou Houjin, allows the armor to be sealed up to the neck and/or down to the neck, leaving a small ring tight around Sadou's neck. Seals used on armor are still functional.
Buki Houjin: Several on gloves, and up arms, back and front, Contains Sadou's scalpels, Ink and Paper for Seals, As well as various Medical tools.
False Seal: Imprinted on Collar

Sadou's Scalpels
Nice and sharp, Sterilized properly, Ready for use!
Tsuyome no In, Increased Durability of Scalpels, variation allows them to keep Sharp Edge for longer.
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Posts : 6
Join date : 2013-08-29
Village : Takigakure

Sadou's Body Modifications! Empty
PostSubject: Sadou's Modified Minion Pool   Sadou's Body Modifications! EmptyTue Jan 21, 2014 1:14 am

Body Composition: Plates of metal built into the flesh, Rubberisation to the body. Sockets created to let the steam flow from the body! Rubberisation has been enhanced to compensate for heating and shrinking, allowing use of Fire techniques internally for Steam-style techniques.
Special Traits: Steam-style attacks, Inflation of the body using Water techniques,  to great effect, has Extremely high Durability due to makeup of body.
Strength: High
Speed: low
Stamina: High
Durability: Extremely High
Intelligence: Medium to Low.
Fighting Style: Using Steam attacks, as well as Water and Fire techniques, Is able to expand body Akamichi style.
Strong Points: Is Immune to Lightning Attacks, is very durable and Strong
Weakpoints: Is Extremely weak to Ice attacks, is quite stupid, and slow.

Fire Techniques:
Internal Engine: Burn!
Seita's first heating technique. This keeps the water within him bubbling quite nicely. Not enough to steam, this keeps him heated enough to defy snowy environments without any trouble.

Internal Engine: Furnace!
Seita's Second heating technique. This is used to start a proper conversion of Water to Steam, allowing the use of his Steam Techniques. It also causes his skin to heat up to the point of scalding at a touch.

Water Techniques:
Rubber Mod: Internal Expansion
Seita gathers water from his surroundings, whether from an actual water source, underground, or the air, and storing it within himself. Due to his rubberised skin, he can use this to dramatically increase himself in size, the only real limit being the amount of water he can gather.
[C-S-Rank, Dependant on amount of water]

Steam Techniques:
Seita's First Steam technique, With this technique, he forces all the steam within out at once, directed through a nozzle or two on his body. It can also be used to simply vent all the steam, allowing him to return to a more, normal size. The steam vented is usually hot enough to cause alot of damage, so caution is advised.

Raptor Troop
Genetic Composition: Mix of Raptor DNA, and a small amount of Hyuuga, twisted to give them a form of 'Chakra Vision'
Notable Traits: Entirely Carnivorous, Quite stealthy, and has natural Wind Manipulation abilities, Excessively sharp Teeth, Good Night vision, Retractable claws. Usually have a slight taint to the eyes, making them a lighter colour, or a tinge of purple/white to them. Some may have slitted eyes.
Quirks: Bloodthirsty, has Pack instincts.
Flaws: Bloodthirsty

Special Abilities:
Chakra Vision: A Passive ability, that allows the Raptor Troops to See a persons chakra, and Evaluate the amount, allowing them to determine the General 'Strength' of them, chakra wise, whether a ninja or not, as a general cause. This is a Sight based ability, and as such, doesn't work if they can't See the one they're tryng to evaluate.

Natural Wind Manipulation: A Secondary Passive ability, the Raptor Troops attacks do more damage then they should, as they passively 'sharpen' the air around their attacks, though only 'natural' ones, such as with Teeth, or hands/Claws. The enhancement isn't much, but it would allow a punch to cut through semi-decent body armor, and claws to do so like butter. While it would allow them to also cut through some Defenses, Jutsu-types would take longer, obviously. D-C rank quality attack.

Natural Talents:
Stealthy: The Raptors, due to a mix of 'Memory' that Sadou mixed in, have a level of Chuunin-High Chuunin level stealth, movement wise, and along with the retractable claws, are able to disguise themselves as normal civilians quite easily.
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Sadou's Body Modifications! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Sadou's Body Modifications!   Sadou's Body Modifications! Empty

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Sadou's Body Modifications!
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