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Uchiha Zero
Uchiha Zero

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PostSubject: Uchiha Zero [Jewnikami Leader]   Uchiha Zero [Jewnikami Leader] EmptyMon Jan 20, 2014 3:33 pm

Uchiha Zero [Jewnikami Leader] >

Name: Zero 'Cypher' Uchiha

Shinobi Position: S-Rank Missing Nin

Village: Formerly Konohagakure

Age: 25 Yrs Old

Chakra Nature(s): Blaze Release, Fire and Lightning!


Zero is a tactical genius and is always thinking two steps ahead of most people. Ambitious he never gives up on a mission or goal unless absolutely forced to. He is typically two-faced acting like a cold hearted bastard one second and a fun loveable guy the next minute. He is often seen with a playful smile and seems unapathetic to the suffering of others. He is not averse to disposing of those who get in his way, and is not easily intimidated, usually speaking to others in a very direct and arrogant manner. He cares little for others, and simply considers people to be "toys" he can sacrifice in order to achieve a greater goal. However, despite claiming this, he seems to have a weakness for women with a little fire in them. Zero is implied to have a strong dislike for Konohagakure. His loyalty lies to the one who offers more power to him. He dislikes arrogant people who look down on him. He wished to rebuild Konohagakure in his own image but after receiving the power of the Kamui from Hauchi his former mentor has changed that pushing him to rebuild and reform the whole world in his own image. He doesn't believe in luck or fate and believes life is what you make of it. He has little patience for people who interfere or get in the way of his plans. He is a little power hungry so he tends to get overconfident sometimes.


Zero was born to Mizuki and Hakuto of the Uchiha clan. Growing up he was a closed off child who loved his clan deeply. He had always been anti-social preferring studying to playing with other children. He loved to read books about the history of the world and his own clan creating his dream of becoming one of the world's greatest ninjas that ever lived. He also loved to explore the village and had a candid memory of remembering where everything was even at nighttime. He was eight when his Sharigan awakened. It was then that he was enrolled into the academy where he was taught the basics of being a shinobi. He would spend his spare time studying more advanced jutsus in order to expand his knowledge. He would graduate in the top of his class and becoming a Genin was placed into a team with Yoshitori and Amy Matsumoto.

Right away Zero developed a rivalry with Yoshitori Hyuga and a crush on Amy Haruno. The two males constantly butted heads over who Amy liked more whenever she wasn't around. With Chunin Exams beginning in a few months Zero trained long and hard in hopes of outshining Yoshitori and winning Amy's love. With his kekkai genkai this gave him an edge over Yoshitori but did not win him Amy's affections since she could not stand the two males fighting over her. It was during the Chunin Exams that Amy finally returned Zero's affections though secretly since she was a bit shy when it came to the matters of the heart. During the scroll retrieval test their team was ambushed and Zero managed to save his teammates and retrieve the opposing team's scroll. Only Yoshitori and Zero would make it to the finals where they faced off against each other. Zero would be the victor and would go on to win the final match getting promoted to Chunin.

It was during a mission to retrieve some stolen scrolls from some bandits that he met Hauchi leader of Jewnikami at the time. Finding the bandits had been easy enough but Zero soon found his team of fellow Chunin ambushed by mercenaries the bandits had hired. His teammates were killed and facing death himself he was saved by the Hauchi. Taking interest in Zero he asked him to join him and his cause. Zero would initially refuse until Hauchi offered him great power in return. He eagerly accepted wanting great power to impress Amy and went with Hauchi to one of his hideouts. There Hauchi revealed to him the corruption of his clan and Dengen's secret dealings with the other villages. He also showed him the corruption of the shinobi world itself and told him of his great plan to change it. He then made Zero his secret apprentice and formed a plan to erase Zero from the world so that everyone would assume he was dead freeing him from the restrictions of his clan and village.

A few months later he returned to his village along with Hauchi to retrieve his files. He pretended everything was fine as he went through their interrogations about the botched mission and how only he had survived. Then he ran into Yoshitori who immediately attacked him calling him a coward for letting his cousin who happened to be one of Zero's teammates die assuming he had fled and abandoned his team. Zero would soundlessly defeat him only to have Amy shun him as she rushed to Yoshitori's side revealing the two were dating. Furious Zero renounced and severed his ties to them both. He then headed to his clan compound to be reunited with his family. That night he headed to the elder's council chamber where he found Hauchi waiting with Zero's birth records and shinobi files. Destroying the files and killing his parents by burning down his home both then fled off into the night. Finding no trace of Zero at the compound or in the village his village assumed he had perished as well in the fire.

He began training under Hauchi learning various raiton techniques from scrolls Hauchi had stolen from his village. Needing to make preparations for the future war he had planned he sent Zero out to find new forms of power. It was during Zero's visit to a small unknown village that he met a hermit who he trained under for about a year before he was given his owl summon scroll and having gained that he then killed the hermit and left. When Jewnikami officially came out to the world he returned to Hauchi's main hideout to await his return. There he found a scroll left to him with a note telling him to open it only when Hauchi was dead. When it was announced Hauchi's identity had been found out before perishing Zero then opened the scroll and inside he found a summon seal that when activated revealed Hauchi's mangekyou sharigan eyes. Realizing Hauchi wanted him to carry on his plan Zero then had the eyes transplanted into his own.

Setting out to become stronger he then set out to find a even greater power. He managed to track down the Snake King and trained under him to unlock the Snake Sage Mode training until he managed to perfect it and develop his own technique. A year would pass before Zero surfaced again. Having gained his Snake Sage Mode he began traveling around to acquire more jutsus and new forms of power. It was under the guise of Enko that he met and developed deep feelings for a girl named Jojo Kaguya and for a little while he trained her to be close to her but in the end he had to leave to focus more on his plan. He would join a small band of missing nin who terrorized a small region between Kumogakure and the Land of Iron. Over the next two years he would work his way to the top and eventually right hand man to the leader Toratsu. When the others grew fearful of his power they turned on him and he easily slaughtered them all. He would then go into hiding again for the next four years training long and hard for the day that he would return to carry out Hauchi's Plan. Now that he has returned he seeks to fulfill Hauchi's dream by reviving Jewnikami and bringing about a great change in the shinobi world by carrying his dead mentor's grand plan.

playby: Kaien Shiba - Bleach

Small Roleplay Sample:

"Hardly Obito Uchiha did most of the killing I just killed my parents and those of my cousin Raine who I was unable to kill until recently." Killing her had been the hardest thing he ever did. Some part of him wanted to spare her let her live but he ended her yet he felt so bad about it. He tried to hide the pain of her death but with Jojo gone he'd finally broken down. Her death only pushed him harder to succeed now with his plan. He chuckled softly at Marshall's joke about being number one still a little full of himself some things never changed even back then the boy had mocked at him in jest seeing himself superior to him even when he proved him wrong a few times. "More like acquaintances I have few real friends. I only have a spare not a full set back in my hideout so I can't help you there." He replied running a hand through his hair now. Without a set there wasn't much Marshall could do other than Tsukiyomi. Marshall didn't seem to realize they were the Sharigan or Mangekyou at that he just seemed to like the design on them. "I'm not that old y'know." He replied after being called pops by the boy. Then he nodded as Marshall seemed ready to leave now promising to meet again before walking away calling him father he smiled softly before kamui was activated whisking him away into a rift if Marshall looked back he'd find no one there. He'd return home to rest up in his hideout enjoying his dinner in silence as he thought of the young male even after all this time he still admired him looked up to him. It reminded him of how he'd admired and looked up to Obito wanting to become exactly like him someday. He smiled at the thought and he was off to bed. Morning soon came and he was up preparing himself in his usual attire before Kamui whisked him away once more returning him to the spot he'd met Marshall and with him a single clone appeared taking a meditative position to gain nature chakra in order for Zero to be able to use it for perfect snake sage mode should the need arise. Now he'd wait as he stood there EMS gleaming in the sunlight now.

How'd you find us: I am Animeking0405 here!
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Uchiha Zero [Jewnikami Leader]
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