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Shinrel Asura
Shinrel Asura

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PostSubject: Shinrel Asura [Not a Cannibal]   Shinrel Asura [Not a Cannibal] EmptyMon Jan 20, 2014 12:15 am

Shinrel Asura [Not a Cannibal] Riku_r10

   Name: Asura Shinrel

   Shinobi Position: S rank Jewnikami

   Village: Formerly Kirigakure

   Age: 25

   Chakra Nature(s): Fire, Lightning, Blaze


  Asura's personality differs from his older brothers, but is more on the crazy side than others. When Asura is around others his manipulative side comes out, quickly finding any and all weaknesses in a person to twist them and use them as he likes. This first stemmed from being around his older brother and watching him around people. Underneath the manipulative and calm center, Asura is a boy filled with demented ideas and tactics. If one is unfortunate to catch him in one of his blood driven moods, they would find that he is much more sadistic than he appears to be.

Through all the sadistic thoughts and manipulative actions and thoughts, Asura can be a laid back person and even the best of friends. Nothing deters him from doing what he needs to do.

Honest to a Point: Whatever he has to say about a person or event he will be right up front and does not pull any punches. He would tell grown adult that if they had a story or info wrong and correct them. But when it comes down to helping a friend or someone in trouble he can lie with the best of them. But he can’t lie to his mother or grandpa.

Asura is a cynical person, a being whom only notices the negative things in life. And believes it to be better than being an optimistic person, believing them to be delusional people whom cling unto nothing but blind faith. Asura is an individual whom has more pride than it is good for. A prideful person, whom gets angry easily from being underestimated and the like. Whilst it is indeed a good quality for a person to have pride, Asura boasts so much of it, that he easily becomes blind because of it. For example, allowing someone to power themselves to their maximum capacity, or unleash their ultimate techniques. Asura is an highly spiteful person, which he does so quite frequently; be it for purposes of vengeance, cruelty, or just to annoy others.

After the lost of his wife, he now considers himself a survivor first and foremost. Because of his survival instincts, he believes he does not need anyone else in his life to help him, after spending him childhood and teenage years alone with no love or guidance. Asura is very tactical and intelligent, and is able to deduce and gather information easily.Upon introduction, he is very intimidating, easily unnerving anyone he meets soley due to his dark demenour and heavy silence.

Not one for talking or even showing emotions, he would most like stare you down so to speak before speaking to you and if he does consider yourself lucky.  .

After the loss of his wife,

Birth: Asura was born to a family held within Kirigakure , his mother and fathers youngest boy. Due to a mutation in his DNA, he was given a different gift, which confused even his parents on how he got it. After his birth he was compared by others to his older brother, who was the family genius and did everything with perfection and in a sense he grew to hate his brother while staying amongst the darkness of their family. Being born with an average intelligence put him under his brother even more as he stood in the sidelines, watching his brothers achievements pile up while he had nothing to show. Asura enrolled into the academy at the age of ten just two years after his brother had enrolled.

Academy Arc: After enrolling into the Academy, Asura was at first against making any type of friends and instead wanted to use them to set himself distant. He sat in the back of the room, far away from the other students and often skipped classes, only going because he did not want to make his family look if he cared. After spending enough time in the academy he graduated with a couple of other students, most of them failing due to "incidents".  Although he graduated on time, he still could not measure up to his brothers skills and genius.

Genin: Asura was more than estatic when he was put on a team that wasn't his brother, giving him the chance to show his skills. Overtime he had gained knowledge over his own Kekkai Kenkai while pushing his other skills. His team had comprised of a Yamanaka female and a Hyuuga boy which was an odd pairing but their team was a sense. Asura made friends with the both of them, keeping his motives and intentions hidden from them both and even their sensei. On the first day of their team meeting their sensei, a new jounin ranked ninja asked the three of them for their dreams or aspirations, the other two giving the typical answers. When the light came to Asura, he smiled and spoke without holding back telling them that he was going to surpass his brother, even if it meant stomping over any and everyone. This bothered his sensei greatly, and he tried to help change him but to no avail. The team was soon ready for the chuunin exams and he was hoping that he would get to fight his brother and finally defeat him, but fate kicked him in the face and told him no. Through the genin exam he saw one of his teammates on the verge of death and as their blood splattered onto his face he lost all sense and killed the ninja who had did it, with only a smile on his face. After passing the exams, he went on to become a chuunin.

Chuunin: His time begin a chuunin was filled with boredom and excitement as he watched his brother surpass him again, but now Asura did not care in the slightest. His goals shifted to beating his brother his own way. At this point he was assigned to lead a team of fresh Genin, two boys and a girl. As he lead the team, he slowly became more and more bored with how this was going, seeing that his brother was advancing even faster than him, he decided to stop pussyfooting in the meager life of a chuunin and shot for higher.

Jounin: After years of training and mission, the now 19 year old Asura had finally became a jounin. His mission record was at the highest of his class and his performance as a teacher and trainer were impressive as well. It was at this time he had already unlocked his 3 tomoe sharingan and was well on his way to finally fighting his brother. During a very important mission to not only retrieve a vital object but to also kill the ones who stole it, Asura's brother was killed in front of him due to a trap set by the ninja. As his brother fell in front of him, Asura was so filled with rage that he took his weapon and began to kill any that stood in his way, friend or foe. Soon the rain fell down as he stood over his brothers body, his eyes transformed from the regular sharingan to the Mangekyo. At this moment he had finally snapped and made up his mind to leave the village and his old self at the battlefield...

The Path of Blood:

The months that followed Asura's desertion of his home village, he proceeded to roam around the earth in an attempt to slate his own growing blood lust. It was during his 2nd month of being a missing nin that a group of shinobi that were sent to find and kill him had finally caught up with him. Trapped in what seemed to be a dead end, Asura began to only smile as he looked at the group of ninja," Your blood shall quench my hunger, but first i must remove it from your bodies," with a wicked smile and even greater glare he would begin to engage with the ninja. The thunder and rain would congratulate the young ninja as he stood amongst the dead bloody bodies of the shinobi. The blood covered his face and clothing as he stared down at them with his 3 tomoe sharingan, no emotions were felt nor did he care about what he had done.

It was shortly after this moment, in a forest cave, that he had met with an individual that would give him the chance to not only destroy the village he once resided in, but to also become the demon he wanted to. At first Asura was reluctant to cut this individual down, but something about how this person spoke made Asura interested in his proposal. Grinning he would walk over to them and simply nod as he took the offer to join him in their plans.

After the falling out of the Jewnikami, Asura went on his own path and eventually changed his appearance. His hair became snow white while he still retained those yellow eyes. He found himself in Amegakure, living amongst the villagers with little contentment until the found the girl that would become his wife, Lyn. Asura soon became a fisherman and lived a somewhat happy life with his wife, who had brought out his humanity for a short period of time. After three years of a peaceful life, the hunter ninja of Kiri came and finally found him. The streets of Ame soon became a battlefield as Ame fought for his life, in an attempt to protect himself and his new wife. In the end, he had lost the one thing that kept him sane all these years and finally snapped. After the aftermath of the fight and burying his wife, Asura left for an abandoned island and was soon lost to the world.

   playby: Riku From Kingdom Hearts 2/Kagura Demuri from Aquarion Evol; Played by Asura Shinrel
Small Roleplay Sample:

   Just a paragraph or so on your roleplaying skills.

   How'd you find us: (If advertisement, please name the person who advertised  Smile
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