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 Xaverie Vargas

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PostSubject: Xaverie Vargas   Sun Jan 19, 2014 11:32 pm

Name: Xaverie “X” Vargas

Shinobi Position: Jonin/Advisor

Village: Kumogakure

Age: 24

Chakra Nature(s): Lava (Fire & Earth), Lightning


Well well, what can we say about little X? Probably the most prominent feature of her personality is her desire to simply sleep the days away. At first it was brought about by her affliction, which slowly turned into laziness and now into sloth as the problem got progressively worse. As such she spends most of her day using her summons as her own personal portable beds, which they are somehow fine with. There she does naught but sleep and think, usually about trivial matters and such, though her thoughts can be described as quite intelligent at times.

Her actual behavior shows no sign of this innate ability to think, rather it shows a spoiled little daddy's girl that never had to work hard for what she has. Even with her ability to think an act with a reasonably high IQ, she struggles to keep her emotions in check, usually in the form of anger and frustration, trying to keep people out and away from her in her time of solace. As such she can come across as very rude, insensitive and sometimes even downright offensive. What people fail to realize is that it's really not her speaking said obscenities but rather all of the fury and annoyance eating away inside her, literally. However, she does have a rather likable side to her as well and as such she decides to classify herself as a tsundere, though not quite a viscous one.


playby: Yoruichi Shihōin- Bleach

[center]Small Roleplay Sample:

“What a hot day, I hope my flawless skin doesn’t get a rash.” The one who was called the Queen of the Uchiha in Iwagakure had finished her daily rounds of shopping and was waltzing through the streets. As usual she bought more than she planned on buying but she just placed it on the Tsuhikage’s bill, surely the old man wouldn’t mind as she was his favorite of the two. During her day off she had visited over 30 stores including ones outside the village, a new record for her in a single day. She carried no bags though as she had brought along a couple of genin to carry them for her. The poor things were struggling it seems as they were wobbling from left to right the entire trip, but they knew better not to drop anything, they possibly couldn’t afford it all.

Deciding to treat the luggage carriers to some sweets, she decided to stop at the local tea shop. She would allow the kids to run wild as long as they kept an eye on her stuff and as long as they didn’t go over their 1000 dollar ryo limit. Looking for somewhere to sit she would notice a familiar face, her fellow sanin, Izaya. His back was turned so he hadn’t noticed her coming in so she used this opportunity to strike. Her breasts would rest on the back of his head as she grabbed the dango he was eating from behind. “Slacking off as usual I see.” She said with her mouth full still leaning against him. After finishing his dango she would reach for his tea. Can’t have dango without tea can we?

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Xaverie Vargas
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