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 Sadou - Medical GENIUS! (Totally not a Mad Scientist)

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PostSubject: Sadou - Medical GENIUS! (Totally not a Mad Scientist)   Sadou - Medical GENIUS! (Totally not a Mad Scientist) EmptySun Jan 19, 2014 10:21 pm

Sadou - Medical GENIUS! (Totally not a Mad Scientist) Cyborg_ninja-1

Clad in a mix of Chakra conductive metal, and a material like rubber... his actual self is almost always hidden from view. the suit can actually be taken off, but he rarely does so, as it contains the system that helps stabilise his chakra, and to not really cure... but to mix with, and hold off the disease, stopping its progression. The material is form fitting, and moves along with him, along with being comfortable... this leads him to almost constantly wear it, only taking off the bottom half of the helmet, to eat. this reveals a slightly scarred chin, neat and clean white teeth, smooth, and devoid of any facial hair... along with a few black lines over the chakra passages. along his body, when he does manage to step out of his suit, are more of the black lines, tracing along his chakra coils, and all over his body, covering all of the passages of his chakra. This is from his chakra becoming more... volatile, and hazardous to him. though he has been able to stabilize it, these marks still remain. he could get rid of them all with one of his advanced techniques... but has not yet, due to still studying them. even if he did remove them though, simply stepping out of the suit, will cause them to rapidly reappear. His eyes, are odd as well... due to the amount of chakra passages, they are almost completely black... the scelera has been distorted due to them too, taking on a blood red colour, leaving him with pitchblack eyes, with a red ring in them.

Name: Sadou

Shinobi Position: S-rank

Village: Takigakure

Age: Unknown

Chakra Nature(s): Dual Bloodline (Special),


Evil, Insane, Mad Scientist. these are some of the words ninja's from waterfall refered to him by. It was his fault for that of course. His personality... well. He can be serious, though he flip flops between that and playful. he's also got a lecherous side that appears occasionally. its hard to tell what he's thinking, as his mask gives him a near perfect pokerface. Likes to occasionally prank his 'partners in crime' occasionally, usually with his 'perverted technique'. he's still working on developing more of those of course, when he has the time. the one he has is also useful in distracting enemies as well. He can step out of the armor, attaching himself to another version of the seal set, that he has for keeping his disease in check... but he feels safer in the armor, and tends to stay inside it more then exiting it. He's always on the look out for test subjects to use, and people who might be useful to him.

His pranks, vary at times, sometimes incorperating the use of his Perverted jutsu in them, sometimes, something as simple as a banana peel, that would through one into something nasty... like a garbage bin. He tends to be kinder to his experiments then anyone else, atleast, once he's sure of their loyalty to him. most others, he tends to be suspicious of, as one does when they are a missing nin. He likes to keep an eye out for other medics, to see if they have any useful techniques for him to learn... and if he can find a majorly skilled one, depending on the situation, he might ask them to help him in trying to cure himself of his Disease... so far, none have succeeded.


Starting off in life, he was an Orphan, dropped off anonymously at an orphanage in Waterfall. He was adopted soon after his arrival by a civilian family, and he grew up with them. He was a quiet child, rarely speaking, and keeping to the books he bought. it was noticed early that he seemed to like doing things a different way to the other children, but it was put down to a quirk in his personality. As he grew older, he was facinated in the concept of ninjas, and the things that they could do... asking his parents, they allowed him to leave, and join the Waterfall Ninja Academy.

It was found, that he had a larger Chakra capacity then most his age, which led to the discovery of his odd Chakra. It didn't seem to really be a bloodline, but those examining him weren't quite sure... it was hard to tell after all. so they left him alone, to see what he could make of it. after all, who better then the one who had it, to experiment with it?

Learning the basic techniques, and he passed his genin exam, figuring out the meaning to the task, and tricking his teammates into working with him. the Jonin noticed this... and later, decided to actually find out how smart the boy was, and as a result, his genius level IQ was discovered. soon after becoming Genin, he learned of the Medical corps, which fascinated him, as he quickly thought up ideas of how such healing abilities would benefit him... indebting others to him, which would work in his favor for if he needed help with something.

He Joined the medical corps, and focused on them, which kind of left him at a disadvantage to the others, as he didn't really have any offensive techniques to use, atleast till he learned the Chakra Scalpel. It helped him somewhat, but he was still at a disadvantage to most ninja when it came to long range, only really able to use shuriken. but, he liked how his skills were progressing, and kept to it. He was lucky in the Chuunin exams, facing up against close range fighters, who he quickly disabled with the chakra scalpel. he was Promoted, and began to focus more on his techniques, learning what he could. One day though, as he was running a diagnosis on himself, to check his wounds after a mission, he found his chakra was acting oddly. Hurrying back to his lab, he began a more detailed check, and actually found his chakra was starting to attack his chakra passages, which admittedly, scared him a little. He sought out one of the higher ranked Medical ninja's, to have a look. Apparently the gene that caused his 'bloodline' or whatever it was, to surface, also brought with it a disease, carried in the genes. the two began to work together, on a way to fight against it, coming up with a few ideas... though none really seemed to work. a few days before they finished creating a seal that would subdue the chakra, atleast to the point where it wasn't attacking his chakra passages anymore, Sadou had his first attack. the Chakra burned inside of him, putting him in incredible pain. He quickly lost conciousness, his body going into seizures, and he was rushed to the hospital, and hooked up to a machine that would purify his chakra... it worked, but it was found, that as soon as he removed it, his seizures would start up again. The Black veins all over his body had appeared, covering him, and stood out well against his skin.

A few days later, with him working from his bed, despite his deteriorating health, and the Medical ninja, Honda, working from his office, they managed to complete a seal-set, that would hopefully suppress the caustic effect of the chakra. needless to say, it did work. After the incident though, Sadou closed himself off from everyone else, for a whole month, rarely seen by anyone, including his adopted parents. once the month had past, he emerged, in his suit. At first people were supprised by his new appearance... but eventually, they got used to the fact that he never took it off. a little while later, he applied for the Jonin exams, and with some help from his poisons, and his suit, he passed. now, a jonin, he delved into his studies, occasionally surfacing for missions. he had heard, that a woman? creature? something like that, named Ayano had recently appeared... with advanced medical techniques that he hadn't heard of before. he pulled some information on her, reading up on some of her skills, and was intrigued. some of what she could do, was what he was attempting to do... but hers seemed to be through actually removing, and reattaching parts, whereas his were causing them to actually alter to what he wanted, using the genes. But she also actually had test subjects. people to use her techniques on... which wasn't that bad of an idea actually.

After that, he began his experiments, the first couple or so, were difficult... but he managed to sow some loyal to him in the Villages system, and using them, he supplanted false info, getting himself a couple of ninja 'patients' to work on, as well as a couple civilians who happened to be in 'reach'. Some lived, though civilains mostly died, which was sad for some. That is, until he discovered, that by using the Ryouji Kentai technique, they would survive his tests. Apparently, the techniques strained on their chakra slightly, so he had to incorperate the use of the Ryouji Kentai technique into his technique, so they would survive.

a Few weeks later, his experimentations were discovered. he didn't expect to be able to continue for too long, so he had already prepared an escape, and the night before ninja would raid his home, he Vanished into the night.

...Of course, things didn't end so Cleanly as he'd like. He would, occasionally set up a small lab in a town, experiment on some civilians! ...Which would occasionally go on a rampage, leading to his discovery, and consequent fleeing from said town. This happened several times! Before, he ran into an interesting fellow. He was named... Huche? Hauchi? something like that! Anyway, this Person wanted him to join his group, named the Jewnikami, because of his... Interesting medical techniques, and expertise in the medical field! ...Well, why not! He was sure to run into some interesting people there, possibly some with mysterious bloodlines and such. It was practically a definite thing with creepy organisations. And so, this is how Sadou ended up joining the Jewnikami.

playby: Original Character

Small Roleplay Sample:

A Cough emanates from the inside of the suit, as Sadou turns to look at the Ninja group surrounding him.
"Finally caught up to me then, haven't you..." *cough, cough*

One of the ninja's Glares at him... possibly a brother of one of his test subjects? maybe one who died... there were some who did that while his technique was still in the experimental stage... or he could be one of those who didn't like what he did? who knows.

"Sadou... you're under arrest for Illegal modification of fellow human beings, without their consent, as well as  trading information with other ninjas outside of the village."

He frowned. those last two... eh. well, he did trade some info in exchange for a medical technique... and some information on Orochimaru... such a fascinating man. what he wouldn't give for a look at those seals he used... probably would help him in making his own version... would be good to help control his more... disagreeable experiments. He coughed again, feeling his throat rasp.

"Sure sure... i'll just go along willingly with you... till you stab me in the back, and try to declare me as resisting. no thanks." *cough cough* He grinned, before stomping a foot on the ground...

Suddenly, a hole opened underneight him, and fell... before it quickly closed up, leaving the ninja above stunned at his sudden disappearance.  it was known that he didn't bother to learn any elemental techniques afterall...

*cough cough* "thank you, Yumi." he turned to Yumi, also known as Experiment 26, one who managed to survive one of the more advanced applications of his technique... outfitted with large mole-like claws, to help with tunnelling and eyes to see in the dark... and a covering of fur, to protect her from the dirt. she also was quite skilled with her Earth techniques. She smiled back at him... "My Pleasure, Master. It is recomended that we escape though, before they follow..."

he nodded. she was right... they had probably already recovered, maybe checking for a genjutsu of some sort. as she began to cut away at the earth, with him following behind her... his thoughts began moving over the past, of how far he had come... it had been interesting thus far... perhaps it would continue to be. He grinned to himself, as Yumi burst through into a hidden cave.

"My thanks Yumi." he smiled, his thoughts going back to his ideas... something like Orochimaru's seals... yes... though, if he couldn't have both halves, he'd rather the loyalty over power. not to say it wasn't bad, but he did like having his creations loyal to him. perhaps he could try finding Orochimaru's old abandoned labs? maybe using old notes if he could find them to work on seals of his own? possibly. Pulling out of his thoughts, he noticed her waving to him from the far side, at the entrance to her tunnel, that would lead him safely out of Waterfall...
"seems i shall have to set up my own lab for now... since waterfall will no longer accept me." *cough cough*

And with that, Sadou left waterfall country, Vanishing from records, as a few of those effected by his experiments set to work on erasing his presence... they probably would be killed off afterwards, but atleast they would accomplish that.

How'd you find us: Yamada Yahiko sent me here!
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Sadou - Medical GENIUS! (Totally not a Mad Scientist)
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