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Uchiha Menma

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PostSubject: Uchiha Menma   Uchiha Menma EmptySat Jan 18, 2014 3:51 pm

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Name: Uchiha Menma

Shinobi Position: A-Rank Missing Nin

Village: Formerly Konohagakure

Age: 21 Yrs Old

Chakra Nature(s): Blaze Release, Fire and Lightning!


When he was a child, Menma was very kind, loving towards his parents and older brother and respectful to his fellow clansmen as well as his teachers. He was even very proud of being Uchiha Chozu's brother and Itachi's son — named after Itachi Uchiha brother of Uchiha Sasuke, for being devoted protectors of Konoha despite going rogue, and he desired to emulate them. His original dream was to grow up to be like his brother Chozu and as such greatly sought his brother's approval and acknowledgement of his abilities. After Chozu left the village Menma's ideals and personality changed drastically due to him suffering his brother's curse because of their relationship and became cold, indifferent, and somewhat arrogant devoting the next year to finding his brother and joining him in his cause to bring down his former sensei. As a Genin and Chunin he was indifferent to his team and sensei feeling he could grow strong by himself and became socially detached from them. He has always been a loner until meeting Nellyel who is the only person he holds close and precious to his heart since his brother's passing. Menma has displayed an overbearing sense of pride in his clan's name and a great sense of loyalty to it because of his brother Chozu and has kept wearing his clan's crest on his back proudly while refusing to wear any other symbols such as a forehead protector. Nothing matter more to him now than seeking revenge for Chozu's death.


Uchiha Menma was born to Uchiha Itachi, named after his father Sasuke's brother Itachi, and is the younger brother of Uchiha Chozu. From a young age it was easy to see he was sort of a prodigy like his older brother learning to walk quicker than most did at eight months old. He greatly idolized his older brother Chozu and would just watch him train long and hard wanting to be like him someday a great and respectful shinobi his clan highly respected. Greatly stubborn he often hurt himself trying to train like Chozu did sneaking some of his kunai at times to train with despite Chozu scolding him for doing so. He couldn't be happier than the day he got to join the academy and though he found the written lessons and tests highly boring he excelled at them being in the top of his class since he was a quick learner and had the fewest attempts at learning new jutsu receiving high praise from his instructor. He would graduate a year early making his parents and brother quite proud of him for doing so expecting greatness from him. He was then placed on a team of Genin a Hyuga, named Hyuga Jun who would become his eternal rival, and a girl, named Kairi, who he would crush on hard for a long time but being socially awkward couldn't work up the courage to ask her out.

With Chunin Exams coming up next year Menma would begin training long and hard by himself when not on missions with his team or training with his sensei. Being a little cocky he always felt he didn't need their help and could do things alone rushing into a fight with reckless abandon but after Kairi nearly being killed once he learned how important teamwork was and it was during that mission he awakened his first tomoe on his Sharigan. With Jun crushing on Kairi their rivalry only grew even more and often butted heads on missions to show off and impress her until they both discovered she had a boyfriend now but their rivalry would still continue as preparations and training for the Chunin Exams begun. His team would pass the first part with flying colors and easily managed to obtain both scrolls to advance to the first rounds of fighting. Kairi would fail but both Menma and Jun would succeed in making it to the final rounds.

It was during solo training with his sensei when pushed to his limit that he awakened his second tomoe and also during this time began training to master the Chidori technique. Finals would come and both Menma and Jun made it to the final match facing off against each other and after a long hard fought victory Menma would come out on top being awarded the Chunin rank for his victory. He couldn't be more thrilled and excited proud of himself but it was short lived after running into his brother who told him he was leaving the village giving Menma a choice to seek him out for answers or kill him. Still he couldn't abandon the village or his family and stayed only to face the stigma and hatred of the villagers for being related to Chozu deemed a traitor to their village which only grew at the news he had joined a group of nukenin called Jewnikami. Unable to bear it any longer after four years and wanting answers he left to seek out his brother for answers and the truth. It was a few months after leaving that his brother found him and soon after he was forced to fight Jewnikami's leader Hauchi becoming his apprentice in the process.

Not long after that fighting off some leaf ninja out to capture him he met Nellyel a fellow missing-nin with trust issues. The two grew close quickly despite his brother and Hauchi's warning that she'd only be a distraction and kept seeing her in secret. His dream then and goal became to grow even stronger in order to protect her and keep her safe as he sought to help his brother seek out his revenge while doing whatever Hauchi asked of him but only for the sake of Chozu's goals. He trained long and hard for six months in preparations for the eventual battle with Chozu and their uncle. Then the day came he was training alone when news came of the battle breaking out and rushed with Hauchi to meet Chozu for aid but were too late only to witness his brother's demise later finding out his brother was sick and greatly weakened from being poisoned from a mission a while back with no cure being available. Witnessing Chozu's death awakened a great rage and anger in him and in doing so awakened his Mangekyou Sharigan. Not long after Hauchi seemed to disappear and was later found dead leading Menma to abandon Jewnikami and leave with Nellyel to go into hiding.

Before leaving to go into hiding before Hauchi's disappearance he would be approached by him and was given his brother's eyes carefully preserved for a transplant for him. At first he refused to do so though he still took his eyes with him but after overusing and overexerting his Mangekyou Sharigan he risked going blind and failing his brother Chozu was not an option so he had Nel seek out a doctor capable of doing the transplant for him. For the five years he trained often with Nel when he wasn't busy following leads and keeping tabs on his Uncle's whereabouts but without much luck with Jewnikami being currently disbanded his only contact was Keanu Hyuga but she was busy mourning Chozu's death leaving him without much help. Five years later Menma has finally resurfaced along with Nellyel ready to finally seek out his Uncle and end his life to bring peace to Chozu finally and himself haunted b nightmares of Chozu and failing to finish what he started.

playby: Uchiha Sasuke

Small Roleplay Sample:

Chozu. He felt so lost without his brother there guiding him helping him. For as long as he could remember he had idolized his older brother and wanted so badly to be like him having everyone in the clan respect him and children look up to him. Then his brother left the village so suddenly joining Jewnikami he felt like his world had fallen apart and his brother's stigma had been passed onto him as the villagers treated him with the same disdain for Chozu. So he left the village to seek him out for answers and in the process he found him learning a startling truth that would forever change his views on things. He grew stronger under his brother and Hauchi's guidance and soon the time for Chozu's revenge would be at hand but then his brother's life was snuffed out before his very eyes awakening a deep rage and new strength in him but he was too weak alone to finish what his brother started and when Hauchi disappeared presumed dead he took his brother's eyes strengthening his light once more and leaving with Nellyel he went into hiding training long and hard to grow stronger and five years later here he was ready to take on Chozu's revenge and bring peace to his soul at last he wouldn't rest until he had succeeded in doing so.

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Uchiha Menma
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