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 Ban List for Blade of the Ninja

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Sage of the Six Paths
Sage of the Six Paths

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PostSubject: Ban List for Blade of the Ninja   Tue Aug 20, 2013 6:01 pm

The following jutsu are BANNNED

Chakra Gates- Because it allows god modding. So up to the fifth gate is blocked out and only 3-5 are allowed with taijutsu/kenjutsu only.

Chosen Ones- Foretold, prophecies about your character. Overrated stuff

Clan Massacres- Highly and highly stressed that this isn't possible. While killing some comrades is probable.

Disabilities- Like blindness, mute, deaf, autism, retardation, things of these manners. They would not allow you to be a shinobi. As well as mental disorders like schizophrenia.

Gravity Jutsus


Flying Rajin Technique(Flying Thunder God) unless it is performed with three or more people.

Senjju clan/Mokuton Users

Technology- We may be almost 100 years in the future but ninja don't evolve with technology. Just jutsu.

Prodigies- Super geniuses that are good at everything. Kind of boring. Have some downfalls.

Yin/Yang Jutsu- No Izangni and stuff like this please.

Rinnengan- This will be revealed to one person who has this ability.

Scorch release

Dark Release

Jashin Immortality-While this is not banned, I (Deva Path)) Am putting this here to let others know what must be done to get and partake in this immortality. 1. The user must gain/have knowledge of who/what Jashin is. 2.The user must spend a good amount of time worshipping over anybody he kills (NPC's are included in this) 3.Once this user has been deemed worthy of being a devote jashiner, they will be given immortality. For your work in doing these things, the first month you gain immortality is 'free'. But for every month after that, to maintain your immortality you MUST kill and pray over a player made character, one that is not your own. NPC's DO NOT COUNT. Doing so will grant you another month of immortality. This month is in Real life time, not Roleplay time.

Kaguya's/Bone Manipulators

Ban on Sand users, right now there are three sand users, each with a respected part of Sand IE Gold dust,Iron, and regular sand. Until further notice, their will be no more.


Last edited by Deva Path on Thu Nov 28, 2013 2:05 am; edited 5 times in total (Reason for editing : Rules edited/changed to add Sand users ban on November 28, 2013-Deva Path)
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Ban List for Blade of the Ninja
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